Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This Place Is A Zoo!!

Why do I feel like I can't accomplish anything today? Hmmm, it's gotta be ADD or menopausal memory dysfunction.

OK, so this family I claim to be mine is keeping me hopping.
Kaysha's school spirit is all week and her homecoming dance is this weekend. She has a kickin' dress she got from Wet Seal and some really cool cherry themed accessories but that's it, no shoes. UGH...gotta get her out for shoes!
Sometimes I forget that she is 16. I am sooo used to her wearing black converse that I had to think about it for a minute when she suggested red pumps.
Red pumps? So, when did lil' Miss Kaysha think she could grow up? She didn't have my permission or anything and I am thinking, how are we going to explain red kick butt high heeled pumps to her Dad? Maybe she should leave the house in flats...better yet, those black converses. :0)

She and her friends want to get together for some portraits this Saturday, after they get their hair did. Man, I hope and pray it doesn't rain on them because I can think of some way cool picture op's with these kids.

I took Kody to the Dr. yesterday and his rapid strep came out negative. Which is good but it doesn't explain why his eyes are ticcing again.
She did find him with a very congested sinus and put him on Amoxicillin to help clear it. Hopefully that infection, that we didn't even know he had, is the culprit of his voice changes..the scratchy, horseness thing that is driving him nuts and making it real difficult for even us to understand him.

Kyle James, poor kid..his whole side of his face is swollen badly. The dentist was supposed to call in an inflammatory yesterday, but never did. Hopefully he'll have his new med's today. He's trying to work and having that mouth/face throb all day is not real pleasant.

I still haven't had a minute to unload all my pictures from the weekend off the camera, so no new pic's yet.

Ya know, while I'm thinking about it...I'm off for now to get that done.
Today's Wednesday and Wednesday in Florida means all our school kids come home early.
It'll get crazy around here in a little while..I better run!

Love ya all..and thanks for visiting!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the homecoming pics! My 9th grade son is having his first homecoming this Saturday also! I'll have to send you a pic when we get some :0)

Olympia, WA

Anonymous said... pumps vs. black Converse sneaks. That IS quite a difference! Hopefully Dad Bear "allows" the heels for one night. :) I, too, can't wait to see those Homecoming pics!!

Hoping the sinus infection is the culprit for Kody, and that Kyle feels better soon.

Sooo...what is the reason FL kids get out early on Hump Day?


Lauren said...

i went to a prom last spring IN my black converse lol

i'm on the far right next ot the kid with the camera


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