Monday, October 22, 2007

If You Think You Love Your Kids Alot....

Just wait until one of these shows up at your door...

Grandbabies...ya just gotta love them. :0)

The kiddo's are off from school today, for some kind of teacher workshop..or something like that. Report cards are due soon so maybe they just need a quiet, no kid day to get those in order.

I already put in that phone call to Neuro. and I'm waiting to hear back. If all goes well at Neuro-Surgical on Wednesday, then they are on standby.

Hmmmm...not to much else new round here so I better get myself in gear and get to work while I still only have one wild child up.

Have a great one today!

Love, Kim


Jeri from Hawaii said...

Hi Kim,
I was thrilled to see that Adriana is home and doing well. When I saw the picture in your "look whose home" post I was struck with two immediate thoughts - 1) Thank God! and 2)while I can see you as a granddmother for those cuties, there is no way you are the mother of their mother...not unless you had her at age 2!

Keeping the prayers and good wishes going for Kody.

Anonymous said...

Glad Adriana is home & hopefully will be straightened out soon. Keeping Kody in my prayers for his day on Wednesday. Tell those doctors all his fans say "fix him"


Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkin patch pics and WHOA,'ve got "the model look", what with those hands on the hips and the facial looks!!! I'm sure Gramma can't stand to take pics of you!! ;-)

Hoping everything is settling down a bit, and that Kody's appointment is scheduled and "done" soon.


Cathy Bowman said...

Hey Kim. Alona is soooo cute!!!! In that last pic she looks so much like Kody with those big brown eyes. I love the hat too. I wish my daughter would wear hats. :(
So, what are the kids going to be for Halloween? I bet they had fun at the pumpkin patch!!! We will be getting pumpkins today at some point. I like that all of your children's names start with "K"s and Kayara's two start with "A"'s...........My kids are Kaitlin and Alexander and my oldest brother has a step-son named Kevin and My other brother has 2 girls named Kara and Alyssa. So we have the K and A thing going on too.......... :) I must run. Thank you so much for posting all the awesome pics!!!! Adriana looks precioius! SO glad she is home!!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care!!! Love you guys!!!!

Jen from WI said...

Glad to see Adriana is home. Praying all goes well with her. Love the new pics. Keeping Kody in my prayers too. Stay strong kiddo! Love & Hugs from WI, Jen

Debbie B said...

Grandchildren are our rewards, our hope and our future. They are better than ice cream, chocolate, coffee, and anything sinful. I love being a grand mother.
I will keep my fingers crossed and my prayers said for the Bear. We all adore your family. Keep in touch!

Debbie B

Anonymous said...

Cutest Lil Grandbaby ever...Alona should be a model shes so darn cute!!

How is Lil Miss Adriana today?

Leeann said...

Those pictures are just adorable. No doubt she loves you to bits and pieces!

Lauren said...

what a cutie pie!

Jackie said...

"Grandchildren complete the circle of Love"! I found a plate painted with that saying, and it now has a place of honor in my country kitchen. I love being Nana, I have an 11 month old grandson, Liam, and his baby sister is due to arrive in January! I told my "K" (Ken) son, that is enough for now!:o)
Does Adriana have reflux problems? Liam just got out of the hospital this week, he now takes Previcid and hasn't vomited up dinner all week. His asthma makes him cough and gag, and the poor baby wasn't keeping food down, he lost over 4 pounds in a week, the Dr finally said enough! We're hoping we have our "fix it", hope you have yours too!


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