Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yard Sale Day Two

The sun's shining.
There's no chance of rain.
Everything is going pretty good.
And, today I have Kolin a/k/a "The Go To Guy" {watch Clean House to understand} helping me.

Other then the humidity being at around 9000%, and a spitting migraine on my part...we're doing just fine today.

I'll check in a little later but for now..I'm going back to my regularly scheduled bad habit.....

Have a great day everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Day Two is better!!!! We have tropical rains to deal with today so no chances of sales around here!!


christie said...

Hope day 2 went well !!! Love the photo, what lens did you use Kim ? The Bokeh is yummy & so is the coke :)



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