Monday, September 22, 2008

That Kewl Wall

I wish I had it in me tonight to post more...I will tomorrow though, no matter what.

Here's some of that kewl wall I told ya'all about.

I have got a few good ones from our fishing day yesterday. I have got to still pull them from the I'll do that tomorrow too. You will not believe the day Kody had!! :0)

Tomorrow is his Cat Scan and shunt series...he'll do great as always.
Thursday is the surgeon.

Gotta run and pick up Kaysha..sorry!!

Till tomorrow..have a good one!!

h..wait before I leave..a quic a day in the life story.

So, yesterday I had to stop by Publix {a grocery store} and at the entranceway were two women selling breast cancer awareness items.
One of those items were pink rubber bracelets which Kody and Kolin wanted.
I didn't know they said different things on them until I saw Kody poking around the basket.
I told him I had already gotten him a bracelet and without skipping a beat he said "Mom..I want one that says save the ta-tas but I can't find any".
And without skipping another beat Kolin says "Yeah..Daddy says ta-tas are real important".

Talk about making a quick get away. Oh how you just gotta love them boys. LOL!!


christie said...

OK, you have some of the coolest locations ... Next time I visit my in-laws in Florida .. I totally need to meet up with you Kim :)

Love the shots !!!

Have a great week Christie

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I agree...ta-ta's are important and certainly worth saving!!

Hallie :)

Jenner said...

LOL! Those boys are waaaay too funny! Love the pics with the flame wall.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Kody & Kolin are a riot!!!! Now to ask.......were the women selling those ta-ta awareness bracelets younger (and laughed) or older (and were shocked)?!! :o)

Thanks for the laugh!!!!


Oh......and good luck could I forget that?? Your Publix story was just too much excitement for me and my tired brain!! :o)


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