Friday, September 5, 2008

Yard Sale Day One

Sort it.
Clean it.
Tag it.
Drag it outside.
Hang it.
Display it.

And then...

Quickly run around like a maniac, every 15 minutes, covering everything with tarps, raincoats and blankets all because..

Mother Nature is not on my side today, not at all.
I'm pretty sure that's the Diva of Rain on the left...and that's me on the right...

It's going to be a looonnnnng day today.

I'll update a little later on about my Joanne's Grand Opening experience. won't wanna miss that. :0/

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Me thinks y'all like M&M's!!

Hallie :)

jamesfamily6 said...

Hi Kim, My name is Debra and I live in freezing South Dakota. I have followed Kody's story for sometime but am just now signing in.None of my children have had serious issues such as Kodys but there seems SO much else we have in common. Looking at the pictures I NEED to be at your yard sale. LOL Well anyways hope the weather straightens out for you.

Anonymous said...

Okay...I couldn't help but notice the SNOWMEN in your sale. Don't you like that little hint of that white, fluffy, COLD stuff around your house during the holidays?! :)

Now I know why you've been even busier. School AND a yard sale??? Are you crazy??!! :o) I used to have annual sales with my sister......tons of work! And around here there's no sense trying it a second day so we're "one day only" and the WORK is all done. Sorta like Thanksgiving dinner! LOL!

Good luck with your sale...can't wait to hear about JAFs!



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