Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well...Dang, Another Headache Day For Bear

I woke Kody up for school this morning and when he rolled over and said "I feel like a$$"...I know it's another headache day and I had better medicate him and leave him be.

So...I'll leave ya'all with a never been seen before, almost forgotten about, snap of him from a couple of weeks ago..

BTW..I don't remember if I had mentioned this but he has a follow up appt. at the neurosurgeons on Sept. 18th to reevaluate his old VP shunt vs. a new programmable shunt.
His shunt, we are pretty positive, is whats causing all the morning headaches.
His brain is over-draining at night {when he falls off his 3 propped up pillows} and when he wakes up with a dehydrated brain, it feels much like a nasty ole' hangover. :0/

I'm off to get some stuff done for the hat site..new things!!!

Have a super cool day today...


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Keeping Mr. Bear in my thoughts. Do you read Ness's site? Her daughter is having serious issues and has to have a shunt placed. Seems like everyone is having difficulties right now. :(


Jenner said...

Sorry you're not felling well today Bear. Hang in there kiddo!
Love, Hugs, & Prayers from WI, Jen

Anonymous said...

Am, of course, hoping that Kody's feeling better tonight and that the f/u app't on the 18th goes well.



Awwww I feel so sorry for the Bear. I sleep with three pillows too, but when I fall off them in the night I only end up with a very stiff neck. :(

Hope you get some answers at his appt. sounds like the programmable shunt may be what will help!

Take care! Hope you feel better tomorrow Kody! Love the pic!

Karen said...

There's a product called the Mattress Genie. Do you think that Karl could contrive something similar? Kody might still slide down towards the end of the bed at night, but maybe if you could gradually raise the angle from underneath instead of using pillows on top it would give him some relief. Just a thought.

Either that, or duct tape the pillows in place!

Karen said...

Posting again... you're probably going to think I'm nuts, but what about a different kind of pillow? Check these out; http://www.walmart.com/catalog/catalog.gsp?cat=486986

I wonder if something like that would help keep him from moving around as much and sliding off of the pillows?

I don't usually post. I'll just go back to my corner, now... ;o)


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