Friday, September 5, 2008

Yard Sale Day One-Part Two

Ho-Hum..the rain has stopped.
So has the traffic along my road.

My grand total so far...are you ready?
Can you stand it?


Go me.

Now, how to spend it, so many gas, milk, bread, one trip to Starbucks.

Darn that life is so full of decisions. for those of you who can't make it to the sale, or at least make it here to keep me company and off the's another sneak peek....

Lots of legos, perfect for painful experiences when stepped on in the dark..

"MMMOOOOOOve over legos, we need a us!!"

Many brightly colored, photogenic clothes worn only a few time by two boys who outgrew them way too fast..

And the best item of the day.
I can't believe this hasn't sold yet..what's wrong with people?

My helmet..yes this is mine, I wore this, no joke..

I know, I know, the stickers are fascinating. Shall we have a look at the other side?

I was soooo born to be wild!


peg said...

you'd think that helmet would bring in a lot on ebay! wish i lived a few states closer i would come to your yard sale!!

k68 said...

I had a helmet just like that! And the two or three times I wore it I was so afraid I was going to run into one of my son's teachers or something and be forever embarassed.

My stickers were quite similar to yours- especially the one about having testicles.


UGH!!! I hate doing yard sales! LOL We did one in May and it poured and poured (fortunately I was set up in the garage.) Our neighbourhood does a community wide sale in June so I thought okay I'll do it then and make up for our crappy day.

Uhh no. That day not only did it rain but it was a freakin' storm with a cold front.

I still have a garage full of crap... err treasures. All I do know is none of it is coming back in the house.

GOOD LUCK on your SALE! May the SUN SHINE!


Anonymous said...

Sorry your net wasn't so great. :( Dang, those sales are a ton of work! I have an idea about those clothes of Kody's and Kolin's. Have you ever tried consigning? I would guess you have shops in your just take your stuff in, they do all the work, and you get part of the money from what sells. Just a thought. :)



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