Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bright Eyed Boys Of Mine

He may not be the happiest camper..but he sure does have some bright eyes. :0)

Our computer is still pretty wonky and since we had no time to take it to the computer doc., we'll have to get it there tomorrow. Actually...the Comcast past of it is weirding out but Mozilla works like a charm, go figure.

Bummer news today, I found out that Friday is my last day of work. Ahhhh was a good run while it lasted.
The good news is the hat biz is picking up now that the cooler weather is that is going to be keeping me happily busy.

Tomorrow is Kody's appt. with his neurosurgeon. We'll take him and his scans and then find out exactly what kind of surgery we're looking at and find out when he'll have it.
Kody's been kind of bluesy. He goes through so many emotions from really sad about have to stop karate for a while, to scared out how he'll be like when it's over, to totally pissed off about the whole situation.
Now that he's a teen...he's got alot more to say about it then when he was young and just went with the flow.

Tonight at his martial arts class his teacher mentioned to the class, which was all black belts, that his best warrior was going to be down for a little while. It made him feel at least 10 feet tall. Thank you Mr. Pepe. :0)

Still..I wish with everything I have that he didn't have to go through any of this. On the other hand..I know, in my heart, he'll feel so much better and be even stronger when this is over.
This photo, to me, shows alot of what he has been feeling...

Tomorrow I promise to show you all Kody's lucky fishing was a riot.

Have a great night everyone......there's pumpkin hats are popping up everywhere and I've got to put those finishing touches on them and ship them out tomorrow.

I'll update either when we get home or when we get the computer back.


terri said...

Good Morning All: I'm hoping and praying everything is going well!!! will be thinking of you today!!!sending prays and ((((HUGS)))) your way!!!
Always in my heart & forever in my prayers.

leese said...

The picture of the 'serious, reflecting Kody' just got to me.

That sweet, sweet boy!!!

Thinking of you all today. Kody may have his moments, but I know with all I am that he'll be poppin' back to us in true Kody style any moment!!

Love to the K-family.....from your buddy at 'da joisey show-a' ;->

ClarkFamily said...

OMG Kim - your boys look so grown up!!! Why does that have to happen so darn fast? Of course having them be as handsome as they are makes it even harder to watch them grow ... as always GREAT pictures ... hope to hook up with you soon about the chenile baby sack ... the baby shower is Octber 18th and we should have nursery colors picked by then - then I can order one up ... YIPPIE! You rock girl!!

Love ya - Rebekah

Anonymous said...

YIKES! What if there is no computer in your house and we have to wait for days for an update on Kody's surgery?!! Your silly computer chose the WRONG time to go wonky! :o) I've been thinking about you, and can't even fathom the emotions ALL of you are feeling. We all know Kody, and he'll come through strong as ever, and faster than expected but when you put it into perspective, based on how HE is feeling these days, it made my heart strings pull even more. :(

Hope we see an update soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure missing your daily updates! Am hoping everything went okay at Kody's appointment this week.

Can't wait for your pc to be back up and running!!



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