Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sunny Days And Skater Boys

I love the way the sun made this picture glow, although he was actually standing in the shade. I could say it was a warm summer glow, but in was a stinkin' butt hot and humid afternoon.'s a sticky, hot, humidity glow....and that's probably why he looks sooo less then thrilled. :0)

Same day, same time, same hot sun, different kid, different spot taken at exactly 2 feet away.
Crazy the way the cement of the street turns a golden glow to a full blown out white.
I love blown out whites..but then again, I am not normal and we all know that.

Just another day around here.
Early school drop offs, school meetings, school pick-ups, haircuts {well, haircut because only Kody is getting one..let me rephrase that, he's only getting the "hawk" cleaned up} this afternoon, yard sale taggin', homework hours, dinner rush, karate classes, showers, TV time, bedtime...
Just another manic Wednesday.
Oh..and since it's Wednesday in Sunny, Humid, Stinky's also early day for school pick ups.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

PS. Ness..yes, I'll defintely have Kaysha do some modeling of the newsboy caps.

PPSS. Vintage "old school" photos of the kids coming soon. For real, no joke, no seriosuly, for sure, I'll do it.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Kolin just looks hot in that pic. His expression gives away the humidity!

Can't wait to see the "old school" pics!


Anonymous said...

I don't know, Kim. Based on your description of your typical "Back-to-School days", I really don't think you'll have time for those older pics of Kody I was requesting! :) Seriously....we're on Back-to-School Day #1 and I already "feel" the busy schedule you were talking about!!!!!! Isn't it crazy?????!!!!!

Love the pics of the boys outside.


Anonymous said...

Hoping No News means just another busy day in the Kruppenbacher household. (Did I spell that right?!) :)


acutescrubnurse said...

I just sent my friend your address for you hats. Her baby has a hemangioma on her head, and shes tired of everyone staring at, I gave her your name.
Hope all is well with the kiddos.


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