Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fishermen Three

Last weekend we took off for a little R&R down at the ole' fishin' hole.
Sounds kind of "Andy Griffith" doesn't it?
OK, truth be told, it's a small park with an old train in the middle, greenish/brown water, picnic tables, cool birds and an occasional gator.'s our little get-a-way, nonetheless.

The kids like to fish there..oh, look, here they are now....

They've never caught a single thing. However...after chillin' by th eedge of the water for what seemed like eternity, Kody felt a slight tug at his fishing pole, and reeled it in to find this flippin' flappin' squirmy thing...

How about a close up? Sure!

After throwing it back he decided to take a chance and take the red bobber thingy off and let his worm sink to the bottom.
Crazy? Nahhh...Bear had the best idea of the day when his pole tugged, and then pulled and then bent like heck.
He started hollering, his Dad took off for him, the kids were yellin "Don't let it go!", Kody Bear..well, he thought for sure that thing at the end of his pole was a gator. LOL..and he kept yelling "What do I do? Should I let go??"
That's when I grabbed the camera, Dad grabbed him and he reeled in this big old mud suckin' cat fish...

Another close up? Why definitely.

The thing about catfish is that they have these really sharp pointy things on them and if you get too close..your going to get hurt.
So, after Dad took that fish off and showed him where to hold it, Kody threw that one back in too.
{honestly..the water is kind of gross and though some peep's like to eat the fish they pull out of there, I think it's kind of toxic looking}

We were just fixin' to eat when Kaysha starts hoot hollering like a mad woman and dang if she didn't get the catch of the day..check out this bad boy...

There is it, can you see it? Get a little closer.
You all should have seen her face when that thing bit her right in the finger. :0)

All in all it was a pretty good day, I mean all things considered, they've never caught anything before but they never stopped trying. All of them except this fishing Dude...gotta love him. :0)

Thanks for stopping by everyone..more tomorrow!!

Have a great night. :0)


Lauren said...

awsome pictures

Anonymous said...

WOW, look at Kaysha's fish! It was so tiny!! Those were some whoppers that Kody caught!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Super Duper K-Krazy weekend around here. Just stopping by after a few days. LOVE the pictures. At first I thought Kody's first fish was a blue gill but I'm not so sure you have those down there, and the close up didn't look like one. That catfish sure looked yummy...until you mentioned the toxic worries. (I'll admit...I could see a blue-ish/green-ish tinge on the head!) Had to LOL about your description of the stingers, Kim! Did Kody get stung?

And.....THANKS for all those close-ups. They sure helped. But...why the heck didn't ya do one for that whopper Kaysha caught?! I can't believe that fish actually got snagged by the hook! How funny!!!! I enjoyed the laugh, as always!!



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