Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Leaving you all with this little beauty for this beautiful Sunday morning.

They look even more pretty when Viewed On Black.

During my lunch break last Friday, Kody and I walked around this small park that is walking distance from my job and has lots of cool photo spots, a small playground {wait till you see those pics..I'll work on them today, they are too funny!}, plenty of turtles and a track that goes around a pond where all kinds of lunch break peep's from city hall and other small businesses in the area like to walk. They say 8 laps equals 2 miles..heck, I've only managed 6 laps at the most...I get distracted way to easily. :0)

I've got lots of errands to accomplish today, a ton of hats to finish up and get out in the mail tomorrow, a yard that needs tending too, a Comcast bill to pay {I totally forgot all about it on Friday, thank goodness for drop boxes}, hungry kids and about 30 e-mails to catch up on.
Tuesday will be here before I know it and since I am Queen Superior of the never ending lists and paper piles..I had better get myself moving.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!


Lauren said...

those are beautiful! what kind of flowers are they?

are they really that blue in person?

Anonymous said...

Pretty posies!

Kim, you sound like me.......piles and lists, piles and lists.... :(



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