Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Here..I Really Am!!

WHEW...I know, I know..I am a #1 blog neglector..I apologize!!

Also..I apologize to Miss Hallie and I PROMISE to get that questionnaire back to you..thank gawd you have 14 before me, please don't hunt me down and hurt me Hallie please. this is our life since last week.
I'm gone all day everyday...weekends too.
But, it won't last forever, so they say. However, it will last at least two weeks so please bear with me, I'm still trying to blog away.

Incase you haven't caught up..I took on a job that I thought would be just temp. doing check calls for a local truck company. They have a contract with the state of Texas for hurricane disaster relief and are responsible for at least 300 trucks and drivers.
For 10 to 12 hours day non-stop I am on the phone and on the computer. Check calling to drivers, entering the info in the computer. Finding lost peep's, dispatching to water and ice places that re basically underwater.
I've been trying to help out truckers wives stay calm, talking sense into official "escorts" who try to lead convoys, in the dark, by going 75 mph {which is something you just can't do}, locating truckers who have no idea where they are, where they are going, how they can find food and above all...tracking down peep's without phone service.

Anywhos...I heard a rumor that this temp. job just may become permanent full time. But not permanent enough to require 10 hour days..which is waaaaayyy cool because that's burn out bigtime baby.

This is me...

Life at home goes a little something like this..
I'm not sure what goes on because I'm not here but from what I hear, Karl has got the school routine times three kids down pat, cooks dinners, washes dishes, does homework, signs school papers, takes phone calls, goes grocery shopping, mails my hat packages, makes sure I have my Hershey bar and Coke tucked in my purse every morning and feeds the cats.
He does not, however, do way, no how, not ever. :0)
Luckily, Kaysha does.

The kids have been using soft rags to gently wipe the dust bunnies off my neglected, unused camera. :0(
The often sit around after school and wonder where in the heck their Mama has gone.
I called them today and I think it was Kolin who said "Who is this? Mom...whats a Mom?..OMG, I have a Mom!" :0)
I keep promising life will go back to normal soon. They keep making me buy them ice cream and mini wrestlers out of guilt. Good gracious I have trained them well. :0)

Thanks for stopping by..I'll do my absolute best to be back on tomorrow night.

Take care everyone....especially those of you who have been effected by Ike in any way. Hang tough!!!!



Wow! You are so totally busy you're making my head spin!

You are however perfect for that job! Anyone who can organize and raise six great kids like you can have that baby down pat!

Congrats Kim! You are one amazing woman!

And Karl well, what would we do without a great husband picking up the slack!

And a shoutout for Kayesha for doing all the laundry!

PS Love your Full Moon picture. I should have taken one here so you can see the Foothills of the Rockie Mtn view!

Susan said...


As a native Houstonian and Texan, thanks to you and all that work with you for the job you are doing. I am fine, but there are so many any our area who are so in need of just the simple things, ice & water -- a hot meal is totally a bonus! I will say, unlike during Katrina, I must give total props to FEMA, and our local (city, county & state) officials for being prepared and doing a great job. Its been a wild ride, but, we will get through it! Hell -- we're Texans and Hard Headed, right? Ha! Again -- many thanks and much love from a long time lurker!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim. It was great hearing from you! I'm not surprised your great hubby has stood up to the plate so well. :o) At first, when you said that temporary job might be longer I was thinking you meant because of all the mess Ike has done up through the country. My sister-in-law and family live in Columbus and they are w/o power for up to a week b/c of Ike. From what I understand all but four counties in OH were affected by that massive storm. And...their state electrical workers are being called BACK from Texas to help in their own state. What a mess that hurricane has made for soooo many people in our country! :(

Good luck on the job today...sounds very tiring!!!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I was only gonna gurt you A LITTLE!!

And how come your homework assignment is not your top priority?

What gives?

Hallie :)

Micky said...

Kim, you should get Kody back on blogging - he can fill in the gaps for you while you're busy at work!
I'm totally impressed with your and Karl's ability to adapt and to be so busy and yet have time for your kids and to blog. You'll get your camera back soon!
When you do... will you be posting video of your kids again anytime (like you did a couple of times on CB)?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sounds like you are staying busy!! But nothing is better than making money!!
Love, Marci

Our Legacy Portraits said...

Yippee - your back!!! Hopefully things slow down a little for you so life can go back to normal. I actually think Karl should fill in on these blog updates since he is holding down the fort for you.. Eddy will be in the Galveston area for another week - Double UGH!!! The kids are having such a hard time..
Hope you have a Fabulous week!!!

P.S. - Susan, not all FEMA screwed up with Katrina. My Husband and all of his Texas Task Force Team had been there 4 days before the Hurricane Hit. It was the local government that screwed up not getting everyone out of there before and it just completely snowballed after that. You would be amazed at the things that didn't go public..


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