Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guess Who Came Home Early Today?

Hell's to the yeah..I did!! :0)

So...this evening, while I was outside in the front yard attemping one quick snap of this kid....

I turned my back to find this kid launching himself off the basketball hoop.

I swear...I can't take my eyes off that one ever. Please tell me there are others just like him out there or do I have the only one. :0/

Everythings going great here.

Let's see....tomorrow is Kody's appt. with the neurosurgeon. For those of you not quite in the loop of things...he's needing to have his VP shunt re-evaluated. Looks like we'll be going the programmable shunt after all, which should put an end to the mega headaches he gets in the mornings when the old shunt is over draining his third ventricle, leaving him feeling like he's got a hangover and a half on every morning that his head falls off his pillows while he sleeps.

BTW...thanks for the ideas...we've been using them. As of now, we have the head part of his mattress at a tilt, by stuffing it with foam inbetwenn the mattress and the box spring. Sometimes it works..sometimes it doesn't. You just never know.

The new job is going terrific. I really like it there and I've met some pretty awesome and interesting peep's. Yeppers..making new friends everyday. :0)

It's amazing how much you don't hear on the news, honestly, the devestation is far more then anything I've seen..on those rare moments when I can watch the news.
One of my most sweetest friend, Dana, from Grand Prairie, sent me some photos {her husband is an awesome photog. and is in Galveston helping as we speak} and all I can say is OMG...OMG. Seriously, there are no words. Lots and lots of prayers though. :0(

I do have to give props to the truck drivers who have risked their own lives to reach out and lend a hand {I even met one on the phone who gave up his own personal food he kept in his truck to a young Mom and baby who were walking around starving}. You guys and some gals too are AWESOME!!!!

Anywhos..I better get a move on. Kaysha should be needing a ride home at any time now so I'll wish you all a wonderful night!!!

Talk to ya'all tomorrow for sure!!!!!!!! :0)


Anonymous said...

Good morning, K-Klan. So glad you got to come home early last night, Kim! (LOL about Kolin.....I'm thinking our last of the litter might be just like him!) ;o)

I think you are right that none of us can truly understand what is going on in the devastated parts of our country. You know how I mentioned Ohio getting hit too? Something as simple as ice for my sister-in-law's insulin is very hard to get. She drives around, and all over Columbus, trying to find ice every couple of days. Thank goodness the Red Cross was able to help her out last time. And here their "main" problem is just electricity for the fridge and lights in the house. Imagine having a house that is damaged, or not even there. And then that means no car either most likely. And if you do have a car there's no gas or lines a mile long. Hard to fathom. Your story about the driver giving the mom and baby food was touching. Very touching.

Have a GREAT day today, and GOOD LUCK at Kody's appointment.


Jackie said...

You are doing good things with that job you have... yay for you!

Here in western PA, not far from the Ohio border, we were also affected by 80 mph Ike winds on Sunday. My power went out at 8:25 pm ( right as the Steelers game was underway!) Ice and jugs of water became scarce. Half of our power crews were in Texas to help those folks. We had power crews come in from New Jersey. 27,000 of us were in the dark! finally last night around 9 pm I got power back, still 1000 or so without tonight.
It gets really old, really fast. I can't imagine no power or water AND a damaged home. Our generator gave us one lamp and the fridge, and with some fancy extension cord use, I was able to make a quick pot of coffee and use the iron, because while my home was affected, my job place was not and I still had to get up and go to work each day.
God Bless those people in Texas. They need all our prayers and any help we can give them.

Karen said...

Hi, Kim and Kody and everyone!!! See the kids are still keeping you hoppin' and still THIN, I Bet!!! You go, girl!!! Sorry I haven't been on. You've changed this site so much!!! I've been dealing with LOTS of problems here in NY with my daughter (drug issues) - 3 yrs. now, so I'm not on the computer much. I never forget Kody - I think of him all the time and sorry I haven't checked in as much as I should. Sending you all lots of love and wishing you the best of luck with the new shunt. Hope to be back on more often. Love to all, Karen


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