Friday, August 22, 2008

Stuck Inside Again....

Poor Kolin, I won't let him catch a break during hurricane vacation days...

But, I do pay him good in Mountain Dew's and Slim Jim' I guess he'll survive. :0)

Fay is still traveling through Central, FL. at a very...very slow rate. Last night was something like 2 MPH and today she's up to a speedy 6 MPH.
She's a real PIMA.

Other then a ton of branches down and a tree that fell down the street {which, believe this or not was so loud I heard it come down in my bedroom, with the TV going and the rain and wind pounding outside}.
Later on, when the rain finally stops, I'll buckle up and shoot some pic's so ya'all can see for yourself that living in the tropical state does have it's hazards...however not as hazardous as being up north where one inch of our rain equals 12 inches of your snow and that's, ahhhhhh, something I NEVER want to go back to, thank you very much.

That's about all the news I have for this morning, except to say a big "Shout Out Cuz You Guys Really Rock" to City of Leesburg and Comcast, who, both, never went out not once.
Comcast got a little weird {but that's possibly my computer, I really should burn 7000 pictures to CD today} but stayed on.

I'll leave you with this little photo of Alona's last weeks "craft day" where we all sat around outside and made paper plate masks.
The older kids are going to kick my butt for putting this one up. :0)

Well my friends..I'm going to jump off and...

1. Listen to things bounce off our roof.
2. Go ga-ga over my fave photog's new photoshop actions{darn you M.B. you make everything look sooooo good!!}.
3. Make something for dinner in the slow cooker.
4. Work on some super kickin' urban style "newsboy" caps for kids. I already made one..Oh baby, they are C*U*T*E!!!!!
5. Spend time with the lil' Hellians.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kim - I am loving that hat, you got one of those for sale?????
Let me know, hope you guys are staying dry and fay leaves soon!!!
Hugs from Missouri,

Anonymous said...

Hey, that hat really matches Kolin's shirt! Don't even TRY to tell us that wasn't planned!!! :o)

And...the masks are very cute! Heck, those older kids need not be embarrassed....there's absolutely NO proof it's Kaysha, Kody, and Kolin. Or was that three of your neighbor kids?! ;-)



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