Monday, August 25, 2008

Leesburg Skies

For Karlio..

Because you dragged me away tonight, even though I thought you were crazy, to see some gorgeous skies before they disappeared into the night.

Becuase you dragged me, all my stuff, and my tripod up to the highest hill you could find 90 seconds from our home.

Because you wanted 20 minutes alone with me to enjoy this beauty together.

Just because..these are for you....

View On Black

View On Black

Thank you for taking me tonight.
I love you.


christie said...

OMG .. these are beautiful Kim !!!
Glad you all made it safely through the stormy weather :)
Have a great week Christie

Our Legacy Portraits said...

These are great Kim!!!! Hope you have a great day..

Anonymous said...


Thanks, Kim AND Karl!! :)



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