Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go Gators!

In honor of Kolin's first Shands appt. on Tuesday {ped's orthopedics's for his popping ankles}, which we have to cancel due to Hurricane Fay coming our way, a little blue and orange for ya'all...

Kody's big 13 is tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to grant Miss Sheila's wishes and scan some old photos of him in here so we can all take a stroll down memory lane together. :0)
Tomorrow he'll be having his magazine pic's taken {him and I} at 4 o'clock.

It's also the kiddo's first day of school tomorrow and, no, I haven't completed the supply shopping lists {they are soooooo long this year}.
I tried to finish up this morning...but not yet.

Welp...have a very happy Sunday everyone!!
I have got to get some teeny tiny baby hats up on the hat site today, so let me get off of here and get that done.

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..."blue and orange"...normally I would say "Go, 'cuse" but those guys didn't do so well last year!! :( I saw the news this morning about Fay, and am hoping it doesn't affect anything you have planned.

Just envisioning Kody's "youngster pics" made me smile, so just imagine when we all see some on here tomorrow! :o) How's he feeling today? Better I hope!

Good luck with all that last-minute school prep stuff and enjoy this afternoon.


acutescrubnurse said...

Happy 13th Birthday Kody!! I probably won't get on the computer tomorrow, so thought I better send North Dakota wishes your way today!! Wow, the big 13......I remember reading your CB site way back when.....can't wait to see the pics your Mom is planning to post. Have a GREAT day!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the love and support Kim..Yes someone tried to cause trouble on my blog but it was personal which was worst..This was someone who knows me.!!! School supply lists stink huh?? I am still not done and school starts Tuesday...((HUGS)) Love, Marci


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