Friday, August 29, 2008

Please Tell Me It's Friday!! :0)

It is Friday..awesome..because I need this week to end like yesterday. LOL!!

We had Kolin's appt. today at Shands..bright and early, and I do mean..bright and early.
BTW..I am in no way a morning person and it was horrible, though the cappachino Karl bought me when we first started out made it slightly more bearable.
But..we got there and everything went smooth as can be.,

They took more x-rays of his popping ankles.
Dr. Bacus saw him, she was terrific and totally impressed by his martial arts skills..even having him demo for her and the other doc's {one of which is into martial arts himself and was way impressed with his signature hook kick}
She tells us that on his x-ray everything looked normal. Her exam went well too.
So..the dx. is that he has air and possibly nitrogen in-between his growth plate and bone, mainly in his left ankle.
As long as it doesn't hurt or swell he'll be OK.

The end conclusion is that we now call him "Rice Krispie" or "Popper".

After stopping off at Sweet Bay in Gainesville, which we've heard great things about {it's a grocery store}, we made it home safe, sound and a little tired.
Well..not Kolin..the kid that never sleeps.
BTW..Sweet Bay is defiently all that and then some.
They have unbelievable meat prices and we totally recommend it.
I mean, where else can you get fresh angus burger meat for $2.00 a pound?

Not much else is going on right now..except that I'm still trying to get this whole yard sale thing together. Talk about madness...yard sales are nuts to get together.
I will be sooo happy when it's over, I really will.
Then..I'll take the earnings and get myself back to Sweet Bay. that store.

I'll leave you today with some snapshots of Kolin's b-day from this past Monday.
He isn't much into cake, so he asked for Mama's special stawberry shortcake..his favorite dessert in the world. :0)




Here he was yelling.."No Way..No Way..NO WAY!!!!" as he was tearing the paper off..



Have a great day everyone!!!!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

AWESOME PICS!! That "cake" will haunt my dreams!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

I'll be down soon for some of that great looking cake!!! YUMMMMM!!!! The pics of Kolin are priceless...Guitar Hero sounds like fun!!

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wanna share "Mommas special strawberry shortcake" with us??? Purty puhleeeeze?? :-D

Our Legacy Portraits said...

Glad to know that everything is o.k. Never heard of air in the ankles before!! That Strawberry Shortcake looks yummy.. That is my all time favorite dessert too.. Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

Micky said...

Just look at Kolin's face in that last picture... that expression is WAY beyond a smile!

Anonymous said...

Kim can kids take Glucosamin (sp). My ankle used to pop & since we've been taking it there's no more popping. We buy a big bottle at Costco.
Margie Miller


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