Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey Friends Hey!!

Fay has gone on her way!!

Right now we have some outer band squalls every so now and again but it's nothing really...we're fine. :0)

Sorry I didn't get to update ya'all this was a crazy busy day. Kody and Kolin we're helping with black belt testing and afterwards they had a really cool "cane seminar". Who would have thunk it....canes are not just for walking.
Anywhos..they got home around 4;30 or so, hungry and exhausted.
So...we fed them and right away Kody fell asleep. I know Bear, and he won't get up until tomorrow...he was so whooped.
Kolin...well, he's caught his second wind, lucky me. LOL!!

Not much else to tell about, so I'll wish ya'all a relaxing "good-night" and a couple photos of my fave boy kiddo's, just because I thought they were sweet.

Kody and Kolin have always loved Kyle James' skateboard. So, like the awesome brother he is, for their b-days this year, Kyle gave that board to them.

My stunt rider...the kid who makes me grayer by the minute...

Later Gators!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So glad you're all okay! What a great gift, Kyle James!!!

I've been wondering what kind of yummy birthday cake Kolin's gonna be getting tomorrow...! :)

Have a great day.



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