Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still Here And Doing Quite Well

Crazy ole' Miss Hurricane Fay seems to be fizzling in Central, FL.

We got some rain, we got some wind but it didn't deter Kaysha in any way, shape or form for making me go out with her so she can spend her paycheck on some kickin' new school clothes.
I love a girl that can battle impending fierce weather for a shopping spree.
BTW...what is it about pink plaid shorts and printed baby tee's that are so dang cute on 17 year olds? I want to be 17 again....I really do.

Today, because I have this silly obsession with doing strange things that make peeps scratch their heads and say "But Why?", decided to throw in some laundry and tidy up our home just in case we did happen to get hit with a tornado and had our dwelling tossed around like raw pizza dough.

Some things in life are unexplainable...I am one of those things.

In trying to come up with something to talk about tonight...I couldn't. Sad, I know.

So..I'll just leave you with a little note to let you all that two days ago I updated "From My Heart To Your Head".
Sorry..I forgot all about telling ya'all that two days ago.
Here's a little something cute for a little someones noggin...

Bright, cheery and so small.
Brings back baby memories I seriously need to get rid of...seriously!

Ah well...we're still on tornado watch so I better grab that bag of tootsie rolls I forced myself to buy today, climb in bed, turn on a good chick flick and wait for the weather radio to go berserk.

Till tomorrow..have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim


Jackie said...

Hey, stay safe during Fay!

I love the new little hat, especially with winter coming soon enough to western Pennsylvania! Off I go to FMHTYH...did I get that right?

Anonymous said...

Hoping your weather stayed calm, all night long...


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, I love the traffic feed info!!! How cool is THAT? So since you know I'm stalking, I thought I'd leave a message. Happy birthday to Kody this week and to Kolin next week. It has been a pleasure watching them grow!

Claire in Indiana


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