Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rock Star Quality

I love a kid that totally get's into what he's doing....

Kolin's b-day went great yesterday and we pulled it off and got him the one thing he's been wanting forever..

The Guitar Hero Aerosmith game with the wireless guitar.

I still have to download the pic's...his face it totally priceless. :0)

Yesterday I had Kolin's conference at his school for the results of his math testing he had at the end of last year.
Turns out that he doesn't have learning disabilities in math like we thought. According to the results, he's just a "hands on" learner and not a "book" learner.
So...though he may take slightly longer to get the end result and his way is not the "norm", he still gets the same end result as everyone else..just in his own way, which they'll work with.

I have Kody's meeting at his school today for his half day hospital homebound and three day a week tutoring.
That should be pretty simple, we did it last year and aside from he'll be staying a little longer this year...everything will be the same.
We hoping after Christmas vacation that he'll be staying for the full day.
But, all depends on.....

1. His shunt and the probability of having a new one placed.
2. Those two suspicous spots found on his latest MRI.
3. His medications and the way they make him so drowsy by mid-day.

Oh....here's the pic's from above without the "Lucis Effect" preset I ran on them..because to be honest here..I love this preset!!!!

I'll show you these incase your completely over seeing everything looking so trippy. :0)

That's about it for the day. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

And here I just thought I had a bad Itnernet connection. JUST KIDDING!! All four pics look great, but what a difference when you compare them.

Looking forward to you having some time to post those older ones of Kody. :)

Glad to hear Kolin's math isn't going to be much after all. I'm a hands-on type as well. DON'T just show me how to do something and walk away; let me take ahold and try it first!!

Hope you're all having a great day. It's a warm, sunny, day here. A BIG tease for autumn, as the nights are cool ... 40s...!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
That strange photo effect is good for about one time for me! ha! I prefer the "au naturelle" look in your photos, maybe with a bit of color pop. It's just that the plastic look is so not natural....

I, also, am looking forward to seeing those pics of a much younger Kody! :-) What a cutie!

And, YAY that Kolin does not have a learning disability! He is more than likely a right-brain Kinesthetic learner. Those who function primarily in their left brain are accountants, mathmeticians, mechanical engineers, etc. Right brain folks are usually artists, dancers, writers, etc.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I LOVE these photos!! How awesome does he look! I am in constant awe of your photo taking talent!!

Hallie :)


I still can't get over how old Kody is looking! I like your au natural pics the best! You seriously can't top perfection!

And I apologize for not always commenting. I read almost every day and I'm usually commenting in my mind as I'm reading and my old addled brain thinks I've actually typed something down!

Happy Belated Birthday Kolin!!!!

PS Just wanted to add what we would call Kolin here in our system is a "Visual Learner". Visual learners are generally more creative people, extremely smart, and often approach math from a different angle yet achieving the same result. Did I mention I was one too??? LOL


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