Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Sunday!!

Just stopping by to say "HEY EVERYONE!!"

Kaysha , the boys and I are off to get some back to school supply shopping done in a few minutes.
As you can imagine...the boys are sooo not into this.
Kolin could care less about a new outfit and's all about the "Dress To Impress" a/k/a girls....girls....girls.

I didn't have a minute to get some more Alona pic's done {but I will Miss Christie because she is in love with that tutu}.
I have a boatload of pics from yesterdays fishing day but they still live in the camera..waiting to be put up on the blog.
All's I have today are just some of the Kolinater.

This is probably one of the last pic's of the summer we'll see him happy..

You want me tah go tah school? You talkin' to me? You ain't talkin' to me, I know you ain't talkin' tah me"

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

I really like Kolin's hair longer. Makes him look older, too. Hope the b-to-s shopping went good!


Anonymous said...

Kim, When I just turned on the tv there was an ad for the Ellen show for tomorrow morning and guess who one of her guests is going to be? Bret Michaels. I couldn't help but think of you. :o)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You want to rip MJ's nose off? Perhaps you have a bit of an aggression issue? (hee hee)

Your comment made me laugh!!

Hallie :)


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