Saturday, August 9, 2008

Guess Who Came To Visit For A Couple Days?

The one and only, going to be a first grader in nine days, super cool, oh so sweet, Miss Thang...


Stinker Winker, Punkin' head is also the reason why I never had much time to get on the computer , cuz I was way busy playing "Princess Dresses, Cannonball Lessons, Crafty Art Projects and about a trillion other things girlie.

Having to young boys left at home...I really do miss the girlie things. :0)

See that "Tutu" she's wearing? joke, she didn't take that thing off all day except to go swimming.
She swirled, she twirled, she was Tinkerbell, a butterfly and a fairy all day.
She loved it so much she's requested one in every color imaginable. :0)

You know...given whats going on in the news about missing 3 yr old today, Caylee Anthony from Orlando Florida {it's been on every news channel everywhere} and seeing what her grandparents are going through, spending thi stime with Alona was made even more special.
Every minute of these past couple of days was so sweet.

I learned that there is never enough time with the ones you love.
I learned how to draw butterflies the right way.
I learned purple hearts with pink polka dots are the coolest.
I learned a few Hanna Montana songs.
I learned that I'm the "Pweetiest Nana in the world."
I learned that ice cream with lunch is better then carrots and ranch dressing on the side.

One thing I didn't have to learn though, is that a grandparents love is unconditional and forever. That I would do anything in the world to see that my babies are happy.
I knew these things all along.

Some things that Alona learned are...

The order of the colors of the rainbow {ROY G. BIV..Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet}
Kolin and Kody don't hide real well in hide and go seek.
If Kody gets stuck under his bed, tickle his feet and he'll get out.
Kolin rocks at teaching swimming stunts.
Dive sticks make fun babies, no matter how many times boys may say "They are NOT babies!"
Grampa's give the best hugs and bring home to yummiest sandwiches for lunch.
Kaysha has cool nail polish colors.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!

I'm off to photograph some hats I made while waiting for a yarn delivery that finally arrived yesterday.
Jamie and Christine..your hats are in the making!! :0)

Love, Kim

PS. Lots more pic's to come. :0)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


She is so grown up! And beautiful!! I can;t get over how adorable she is!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

Kim I so enjoy looking at all of your BEAUTIFUL PICS!!! I just wanted to say that I love the pic of you and Karl!!!! You are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I was wonderin' if your company was Alona. She has got such pretty hair and eyes!! That tutu is getting good use!! (BTW, I think she already has one in every color imagineable...the ONE she was wearing is the color of the rainbow...!) :o) Kim, you always make me stop and appreciate my kids. Even on days when I'm frustrated.... :-) I'm so glad you got some Q-time with Alona this week!

And....confession time...when I was reading your post I chuckled about something and then read the part about "Dive sticks". Well, because my head was moving (from laughing) AND I'm old/tired, I quickly saw "Dick sticks" and wondered what the heck they were, and immediately after that thought saw something about them and BABIES -- !! I know...either call me lame or dimented....!!!! ;-) {SIGH...}

Have a great night. LOOKIN FORWARD TO THOSE PICS!!!! (Oh, speaking of Kody...I thought it was funny that all you have to do is tickle his feet to get him from under that bed. Sounds like you might need that tactic in 9 more days when he doesn't feel like gettin' out of bed for school. Although...if I know Kody, he's gonna be up and getting all his clothes and hair JUST RIGHT for all those babes - er, girls - at school...!}

See ya!!


christie said...

Kim, she looks just like a little fairy princess in the tutu!!! Glad she loves it :)

Have a great day, Christie

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. K.,
I can't believe she is going into first grade already! :) I am glad to hear things are still going well for all of you.
Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,


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