Monday, August 11, 2008

Manly Stuff

After spending two whole days playing nothing but girlie girl games with Alona, we kinda figured the boys needed a break.
So, after Karl came home from work on Saturday, we decided to treat them to some manly man time which included fishing, which is very manly man, and something I am definitely not into, but for my boys..I'll deal with it.

Karl and I swapped out some ideas and after 5 minutes we let them in on our plan.

I'd pack a simple dinner of sandwiches, Doritos, soda and juice boxes while he ran out to Wally World to buy worms.
The boys had to get out of their swim trunks and put on something that remotely matched...cuz we all know that I was bringing the camera and I am oh sooooo compulsively crazy about matching clothing.
Kody walked out with tri-tone blue shorts and a brown t-shirt.
I sent him back to try again.
Kolin came out with..big shorts and a black tank top, his every summer day uniform.

We packed up the cooler, we packed up the fishing poles, the camera, a couple of celebrity bashing magazines for me, and a roll of paper towels...and we were off.

About halfway there Karl remembered putting the worms in the fridge but not in the cooler.
Back home we went.

Off we go, down the road again.

When we got there, all seemed great. It wasn't crowded, we got a picnic table in the shade. Life was good.

Good..until we realized that nobody {Love You Kolin} put the tackle box in the van.
Luckily...they had one hook on their poles.
Unluckily..Kody lost his after 20 minutes.

All in all, they had a great night and not having to pretend to love bouncing around like Tinkerbell's Prince Charming was a really good thing for them..cuz they are all about the 100% boy thing.

Here's some quick snaps from Saturday's fishing day....

Because when I get bored, I tend to wander, I roamed around and found me some wildlife that was willing to pose....

Looky here, I found a gator swimming right next to my children....

Everyone had a good time and when the mosquito's started attacking, we packed up and headed home.
But first...because I was such a good sport in all of this man fishing, wormy stuff, we stopped off at Sonic and got us some 99 cent Jr. Banana Splits and lemme tell ya, they were delishable!!

Have a beautiful day everyone..take advantage of this last week of summer vacation. Take your kid to Sonics for a naner split, seriously..they'll love you forever and you may even get them to clean out from under their beds. :0)

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

That does it, Kim. We're packing the bags and coming your way.

We have no Sonics up here. :( Closest is PA, or OH. :( :( That nana split sure sounded good, though!!! :o)

Glad the boys got out for their q-time. Have a great one!


Debbie said...

No sonics where I am either and I miss it!! Used to love love love their diet cherry limeades. Oh so yummy and refreshing!!

Have a great week!!

God Bless~

Alisa said...

What a lovely, er, sorry, MANLY, way to spend a Saturday afternoonish.
As always, great pics.


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