Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Ghost Story

Yesterday I posted a photo that I'd taken weeks, if not a couple of months ago.
I almost forgot about it, till I drove past that house yesterday and saw that red flower again.

Now, I know this isn't going to be in everybody's taste, because it's creepy but heck, I was bored today and wanted to try something a little different, so bear with me as I try and ease my way through a creativity brain fart.

We've lived here 10 years now.
About two years after we moved to this street, sometime in the middle of the night, the sound of a gunshot was heard...heard only by the man and his wife who lived at the end of Myer Ave.
The rest of the families slept soundly through it.
It was early the next morning when the street was alive with police cars and crime scene tape.

There was this family...just a man and his wife. Both drinkers, but really nice people.
The wife worked with one of my oldest kids in a restaurant and the man, we always remember, drove a red pick up and always drove slow, with his dog hanging out the window, because he knew there were alot of kids playing in the street.
He always waved to them. His dog always barked.

This one night they must have put down a whole lotta booze and gotten themselves into a nasty argument.
He sat in his favorite chair in the living room and though we never knew if he was awake and saw it coming, she took out a gun and shot him square in the chest, killing him right away.

She was sent to prison, family cleared the house of only anything valuable and to this day his red pickup truck still sits in the driveway, in the exact same spot it did that one fateful night.

I know these type of things happen all the time, all around the world but our haunted house is for real.

Some of the neighborhood kids, when they got a bit older, remembering what had happened in there, decided one day to brave it out and go check the inside of the house out.
They told me how they saw the chair with the bullet hole in it. The man's can of beer was still on the coffee table and dinner dishes were still in the sink, exactly how they were left years ago.

Kids will be it was useless telling them that they had perhaps disrupted things in there. I tried to but they thought I was just the neighborhood Mom gone nuts.

Till, one day when two of those kids were walking home from the bus stop, and on a beautiful spring day, no breeze at all..saw the swing bench in the front yard just rocking away.

One night Kaysha and her friend walked down there and saw the front porch light flickering. Of course, the electricity had been turned off a long time ago.

A couple of times a week, right outside the fenced in driveway, a red flower blooms. No matter what time of year, no hard freeze has ever killed it, nor hurricane or drought.
That flower will bloom and then as if on cue, fall off it;s branch, not to be seen on the ground, within 24 hours.

One day as I was taking a walk, I brought the camera and don't you know it...the red flower that hadn't been there that morning, was there that evening.

You can see the red flower in this photo..and if you look real close, you can see the man's pickup truck still parked in the driveway.

{click image to view larger}

Most people don't believe in ghosts {like Karl}, or haunted houses {like Karl}...but I do. We've got our very own right here on our street. :0)

Have a great day everyone..hope I didn't spook ya'all too much.

Love, Kim

The texture I used in this was created by the awesome Ghostbones.


Anonymous said...

Hey, K-Klan! As I was reading this post I was thinking, "It sure does seem similar to something else Kim wrote one time. Something about a bench perhaps." And that's when you mentioned the swing! I do believe you actually showed us all a pic of that swing on Kody's CB site, as the story seems familiar. And it's just as interesting this time around!!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend and that The Bear (the one that DOES squirm and make silly faces sometimes while his Mamma Bear is trying to take his pic!) is feeling okay today.


Cheyenne said...

I have two cats. The male "sees" whatever it is that is in this house, but the female doesn't see it. Sometimes that cat scares me the way he stares and gets down on his haunches as if ready to spring at whatever the heck it is he "sees."


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