Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fire In The Sky

I love this one, the way it looks like the sky is on fire..

It also looks pretty good on..

View On Black

I can't stay on long tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow after we come back from Shands...Kolin has an appt. for his mysterious "popping"'s so weird, they "pop" all of the time, but don't hurt. :0/

Kody and I had our magazine interview today and it went GREAT!!
Oct. 1st is the day it will be out.

OK..gotta run and get Kaysha.
We have to leave here at 6:15 AM, so I have got to get some ZZZZZZ"s.

Have an awesome night!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that IS a cool pic! Is the magazine local to all of you, or are people like me able to get our hands on it? I'm sure you guys did wonderfully! Good luck today at Shands.


ClarkFamily said...

Hi Kim - just stopping in to say Hi and to let you know I am thinking of Kody! Hope things go well at his appt ...

Have a great weekend!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby#2 too


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