Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Kids Last Wekend Before School

And they are sooooooo not thrilled.

OK..let me rephrase that..
Kaysha can't wait to get back to Leesburg "social time" High, but the boys have the glazed over, zombie, this can't be happening all ready look written all over them. :0)

Since Kody's b-day is Monday and Kolin's is the following Monday and Kyle James is busy with two jobs, he decided to take a little while this afternoon and treat Kody and Kolin to a couple of hours on the golf range.
So, K&K are patiently {HA!} waiting as I type this for their big brother to show up and get them outta here for a while before we get hit with another rain storm, which is supposed to be right upon us this afternoon. Bleech!

While they're gone, I've got to dash off to the yarn store quickly, which just so happens to be conveniently located a few miles from Target which just so happily has a Starbucks right there in the entrance way.
Yay Me!!!!!!!!

Looks like I've got a line of kiddo's looking over my shoulder right about now, waiting for their computer I'll leave you with this, taken yesterday....

And, ummm..his Dad looked over my shoulder a few minutes ago and when he saw it said "Isn't that the truth". :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

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Anonymous said...

HA! Great shirt!!! Hope all the boys have a good time at the golf range. We have perfect weather here today. It appears summer has returned for a little while longer. We were all thinking Autumn was already rearing it's head! (I'm stuck indoors til 3:00 and can't wait to break out of here!!)



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