Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kolin's Favorite Feline Friend

I'm pretty sure it's because they share a love of climbing into things they shouldn't be. :0)

It was a bad Bear day yesterday. He must be going through another growth spurt because starting from early morning he had sharp stomach cramps...at times pretty severe. It just ruined his day. Poor kid.
I dragged him and Kolin to Joannes Fabrics to pick up some cool colored wool, then stopped off at Target on the way home so they could get an icee and popcorn and me a Starbucks {Thank you Jessica!!!!!!}

BTW...This week, I totally recommend a "Green Tea Frappachino with Raspberry and Whipped Cream"...OMG, QUADRUPLE YUM!!!!!!!}

By the time we got back home he took some pain med's and tried to lay down but couldn't get comfortable.
He hardly ate dinner {which is very not like Kody}
He did do his one hour karate class, I didn't want him to but he told us the training will help him to put his mind on something else other then the pain.
When we got home...he needed more med's.
I don't think he finally fell asleep till after 1:30 when he woke me up for the last time to say he was still hurting and couldn't sleep. {again, notKody..he is a sleeper}
By then though, he'd already maxed out on his med's.

Anyhow...as the story goes, the reason why we are sure it was a growth spurt and that he feels it more then an ordinary kid is because of the shunt tubing that extends from his brain down into his pelvis.
When it lays dormant, it tends to get some scar tissue build up. When he grows, the tubing uncoils and that scar tissue pulls, stretches and tears...causing sharp knife feeling cramps.
Imagine PMS cramps...but worse. Kody tolerates pain incredibly well, so when he says it hurts..it hurts.

So...the other reason why growth spurt is our answer...

Kody is now the exact height as his Dad..if not just a slight bit taller.
And now he needs...

New shorts.
New jeans
New shirts.
New shoes.

Please buy hats. :0)

Have a great day everyone..I'm off to conquer feeding time, laundry piles, moving Kaysha into Kyle's old room, Kolin into Kaysha's old room, and I, finally, get Kolin's room as my photo taking room again. YAY!!!!

Love, Kim


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Poor Kody. That kid is quite the trooper. Excruciating pains yet he does karate. I bow to him....

Love the Kolin and friend pic!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm glad you were able to get a treat with your Starbucks card. I thought about you guys this weekend as the Blue Angels were in town for SeaFair.

Jessie P - Seattle, WA

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that Kody is hurting! I hope he starts feeling better soon!


Anonymous said...

Kody, I'm sorry you weren't feeling so good yesterday. Sure hope things have turned around for today. I didn't realize your tubing went all the way down to your pelvis like that. I, too, was up til 1 AM but definitely not from pains like you were having. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you feel better today.

Kim & Kolin, I LOVED that pic!! Was the kitty sleeping before Kolin came along? She looked all KOZY in there!! :o)


Jenner said...

Adorable pic of Tiki & Kolin. Hope Kody is feeling better. Sending prayers!
Jen from WI


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