Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Was On A Beach With Bret Michaels

It's true...I had a celebrity encounter. it happened 11 years ago and I am now admitting it to all my cyber friends..but I can honestly let you all in on a true trivia fact that my kids can tell really happened.

Here's the scoop..

I am Poison's biggest fan. No really, I am. No joke...I watch their old videos on YouTube almost everyday.
I've taught my kids every word to every song, they were raised on Poison, Guns and Roses, Metallic and Van Halen.
I can play "Talk Dirty To Me" on Guitar Hero.

Eleven years ago we lived in a small town called Lake Peekskill. It was a quaint little town, a nice place to live. We lived at the bottom part of a mountain and right across the street was a beautiful lake with plenty of private beaches.
We loved our private beach.

In the back of our house was a big driveway on another road and on that road, in a gigantic house, lived a nice girl with a little boy who was a few months older then Kaysha.
I can't remember her name, but every now and then we'd meet up at the deli down the street and bump bellies while devouring pizza.

Anywhos...she went on to have a beautiful baby boy who she'd named Bret Michael.
Her b-friend, who was a super wealthy, super sweet, super good looking guy from Hawaii always showed up..he loved his son whole lot. He was a pretty cool Dad.

Little Bret was Kaysha's very first crush. She was only about 3 years old at the time when she realized she had the hottie totties for Bret.
Every afternoon at exactly 5:15, Kaysha would have one of her older sibs take her out to the driveway so she could catch a glimpse of Bret when he'd come home from the sitters.
We used to tease her alot about was darn cute.

This went on for years.
In the summer, when Bret's Mom took him to the beach, Kaysha was following him like a shadow.

Every so once in a while, we notice at Bret's house...some pretty flashy cars would show up, unload musical instruments and all weekend long they'd be jammin'.
The music was good...dang good.

One day, Bret's Mom introduced me to Bret's Dad. We laughed about Kaysha's infatuation with their son {who was sooooo shy} and that day I remember getting up the nerve to ask about the jam sessions.

As it turned out..Bret's Dad and Bret Michaels {from the 80's band Poison} were best friends. Bret Michael's was little Bret's godfather and was named after him. It was Bret Michaels and a few other friends who showed up at that house, for some R&R time in a little town that not too many people have ever heard of.

During that time I had gotten preggers with Kolin and that summer, with only one month more to baby popping day, I hauled 5 kids, towels, chairs, coolers, diaper bags, pack and plays, toys and sunscreen to the beach every single day.

One day, the kids and I were chillin'.
OK, they were swimming and I was at that point nothing more then a...

Sad but true..though I tried to look pretty, this is the alert I set off everytime my swollen kankles managed to lower my roundness into a beach chair {where is where I spent my whole day..chewing a 3 pound bag of deli ice and case after case of Slim Jims}.

Not to get off the subject or anything, but that ice turned to water quickly and anyone who's been preggers knows exactly where that goes.
So, each time I'd have my older kids hoist me off the lounge chair in search of the ladies room, beach patrol would put this up in my honor..

Enough about me.

One sweaty, hot summer weekend, as 99% of the Lake Peekskill Mom's worked on their summer tan and 60 minute abs and I munched away on Cheetos's and ice, the ice cream man's truck was heard singing in the near distance.
Everyday he'd pull up the the beach and everyday he'd make himself a sweet chunk of change when all us Mom's pulled out of their bikini tops {or for me, our cooler full of potato chips, cookies and Pop Tarts chilled fruits and vegetables} a handful of dollars for the kids every afternoon frozen sugary treat, which gave us Mom's at least 15 minutes of peace and quiet while they slurped away before their treats melted away.

That same afternoon a that nice family whom my youngest daughter was infatuated with, set up shop up right next to us.
There was the Mom, the Dad, their cute little boy and one person extra.

Yes my friends...

That was the day {and only day of my life} that I dropped my Nutty Buddy ice cream cone into the sand..because sitting right next to me was this guy here...

Holy heart throb!!!

Now, mind you..he didn't quite look like that, but he didn't quite look like this either...

He was more a cross of in between early 80's and later 90's.
And...he was in swim trunks...WOOOOO-EEEEEEEE!!!

And, he smiled at me and said something to the tune of "Hi, how are you?"

And, I tired..I really tried to say something intelligent back, but all I could splurt out was, "Good" and then a spit a damn Nutty Buddy peanut right there on my enormous belly.

I left him alone for the rest of the day because I figured..
1. He needed his privacy and
2. He's seen enough.

And that my friends, is a true story.
Now then, I really must go, pull up some videos and get to rockin' to the 80's and 90's.

Have a totally rockin' day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


Hallie :)

Katie Korpan said...

I just sent you an email! Feel free to take my sister or brother in law out of the pictures:)

Anonymous said...

OMG, Kim! That was SOOOOOO funny!!! Our Internet has been down all day so I JUST got online. {Yes, I was having withdrawals...} Anyway, your story seemed so nice and "readable". Then I got to the whale pictures, which made me chuckle. Then came the pics of Bret. Gosh, I forgot how "pretty" his face was... And, yes, then I got to the part where you met him, and spilled your ice cream, and couldn't talk straight...I literally LOL! THANKS! I definitely needed that after my long day at work!!

Have a great night!


Our Legacy Portraits said...

OMG - the spitting of the Nutty Buddy peanut on your stomach is the funniest thing I have heard all day. And now that you've come out of the closet - I must now admit that I LOVE the "Rock of Love" shows..

Anonymous said...

The Nutty Buddy peanut just had me cracking up.. so funny!!

momto2boys said...

Rock on! That's a very funny story. I can just picture being that pregnant and running into him.


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