Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Storm Central And A Few Other Things

It appears Hurricane Fay can't make up her fickle, female mind. So...as of last night we were supposed to take a direct hit by tonight. This morning though..it looks like it's shifted slightly east, leaving us in the storm but more tornado prone.

As of now...we are on tornado watch until at least 4 PM and the rain squalls have already started.

We'll be watching this channel all day...

News Nine

Or this station...they're nice too...


Doppler is cool...

Doppler Keep Clickin' To Reload Updates This Ought To Be Fun By Tonight

Or maybe I'll just play on photoshop all day and forget the weather.
Or..maybe not.

On a happier note..Kody's b-day went great!
He's now an official teenager and even more goofy then ever.

A Hershey cake...that boy is sooooo me. :0)

Next Monday we get to do the party thing all over again for Kolin...who becomes an official eleven-teen on the 25th.

Kody and I went and had those photos done for the magazine he'll be featured in, which comes out on Oct. 1st.
Yes he was a goof, yes he posed his little butt off, yes he was called a natural and yes he was called fun to work with.
I, on the other hand, am sure I got a whole lot of me in the middle of saying "Kody knock it off and smile, Kody did you smile, Kody quit, Kody come on it 's about to rain, KODY STOP IT!!!!!!"
The wind was kicking up bigtime by then and I know that in every snap, I looked like some middle aged version of "Cousin It".
It won't be pretty, trust me it won't. :0)

After the mag. pic's the kids and I ran out to Wally World to pick up some pizzas for dinner and that place was mobbed!!
People going crazy, people panicking, people hogging all the bottled water.
We did get some water though...Kaysha and Kolin took off for that while Kody and I picked up some pizza and Cokes. Kaysha pushed the cart, Kolin was the "Go To Guy" because Kaysha said there was no way in h**l she was going to risk a nail to fight off crazy hurricane people.
I love that girl..she is so me too. :0)

When we came home..Kolin spotted this beauty in the driveway.
My friends..welcome to banana spider season in the sunshine state..

Welps..I better be getting on this morning. The kids have no school today and tomorrow and already they are fixin' to eat me out of house and home.

If, in the event, I'm not on here again for a day or two..that could only mean we've lost electricity and or internet.
I'll be back on as soon as it comes back on.

Have a great day!!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

middle aged version of "Cousin It"..that made me LOL :) :)

Kim from TN

Wonderful World of Weiners said...


This pic was unacceptable. Now I can't stop looking around my office for one of those to land on my head.


Hallie :(

Anonymous said...

Kim, you're so upbeat even with lousy weather looming! But I guess it could be much worse than tornados. Will keep my fingers crossed you only get strong showers.

That cake looks OH, so yummy!!!!!!!!!! I can almost taste it!! So glad Kody ended up having an awesome day.

School closed for TWO days? Yikes! Nothing like starting school and then stopping already!

Hope your day is awesome, and good luck with the storms.



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