Monday, August 4, 2008

Late Night/Early Morning Ramblings And Dreams

The night before last, for some crazy reason around 10:30 when they should have been sleeping, {could have been the giant sized Little Debbie cake I gave them for dessert}, Kody and Kolin decided to have a slumber party in Kolin's bedroom which is right next to mine.
I bid them a "good-night" around 10:45 and set out to get some yarnin' done.

At 11 they were still chatting. No's still summer vacation.
At 11:30 they were talking and laughing about something real funny.
At midnight I started complaining "OK, you two go to sleep!"
At 12:30, my eyes were falling outta my face and still, I heard them talking about everything...
Summer, skateboarding, girls, school, karate, TV shows, just everything.
At 12:45 they started the "What's your favorite" game.
At exactly 1 AM I was about to lose it when I heard this...

Kody: Kolin, if you could be one person in the whole world for one day who would you be?"

Without skipping a beat this was Kolin's answer...

"Bruce Lee"

To which, faster then you could blink, Kody responded "Yeah, me too".

For some reason, I couldn't get mad at them. I couldn't bring myself to say "HEY...GO TO SLEEP NOW OR ELSE!!!"
Besides, they really thought I was sleeping and that their conversation was totally private.

Remember when you were young like they are?
Before the stress and peer pressure of High School hit. Before adulthood comes into the picture.
Imagine for just one whole day, not worrying about bills, leaky roofs, gas prices, and balancing checkbooks?

Remember being 10 and 12 and enjoying the last two weeks of summer vacation? I do and I remember very well it was alot of fun.
Now, in this day and time...10 and 12 year olds are being provoked at their own schools with drugs and tobacco...mostly from their own peers.
Now a days, I see so many of these precious babies saying "Yes" instead of "No".
They walk the streets, busy streets, day and night. Do the parents even wonder or care why they are not at home?

So many kids around here would gladly, when asked who they would like to be for a day, say "I want to be like {insert gangster singer of the week}".

For my young un' to blurt out "Bruce Lee" without giving it a second though..well, that just made me the proudest Mama on the block.
Sure..he could have said the President or whatever..I knew he wouldn't though. He's 10, he's got different ideas on who's boring and who's not.
10 year olds don't need to be concerned about politics. Save that for future years.

Sometimes I really wish I could keep those two little forever.
I would protect them and not let them out of my site.
I would spoil them everyday.
I would make them peanut butter/jelly and potato chip sandwiches with a Capri Sun on the side every afternoon.
I would feed them giant Little Debbie cakes before bed and listen to their dreams instead of watching the newest "Dress My Nest" episode.
I would sleep, content, knowing that my children were sleeping soundly in a room next to me and not hanging out on the street somewhere.

As kids go, they grow up and time passes way to quickly.
I've learned over and over that our time machines run on fast forward most of our lives.
There's no sense in lecturing them about not growing up so fast because they are going to anyway.
With a hero like Bruce Lee though, I have a feeling, growing up will be easy street to those two boys of mine.
Because my boys are disciplined, they have good manners, they get good grade, they are black belts and they both have Bruce Lee as a hero and role model.

This photo manipulation, though it didn't come out quite what I had in mine, represents a 10 year old boy, trying so hard to break free into a world meant for older people.

But...he can't, because his Mama won't let him. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!
Make the most of these last few weeks of summer.
Feed your kids sugar before bed. ;0)
Listen to their dreams.
Hug them alot.
And for goodness sake....slow down their time machines!! :0)

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

GREAT post, Kim!!! Have a good day with those wonderful kids of yours.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I grossed KOLIN out?? YEAH FOR ME!!!!

I think he secretly loved them all!!

Hallie :)

Sea52Jay said...

You have awesome kids girl. And I know what you mean every step of the way, went through that with my girl and every day so very grateful that it was another day without trouble or worse, something that would affect her life forever. Please send me the email you sent again, I didn't get it and would very much like to. Love ya, CJ

Anonymous said...

best post ever...

Kim Waggoner

Jaime T. said...

Lovely post, Kim.

-Jaime in CT :)

Karen in Australia said...

What a great post. So true!


As my kids are now 23 and almost 19 you really took me down memory lane! I am proud to say I really enjoyed my kids every stage they went through!

I'm not so sure about your photo manipulation! I'm thinking Kolin could be in the next Japanese horror film! Scary! LOL



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