Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain..Rain...More Rain

This has been the most rainiest night and day so far and our schools are just about the only ones who opened back up today.
All in all, Fay hasn't been that bad but the coast...WHOA...they got hit hard, so we're sending out some prayers for those folks over there who are using boats just to leave whats left of their flooded homes. :0(

I have Bear home today with another morning headache.
So, since we last went to see his neurosurgeon in July {around the 15th I think} he's had 9 pretty painful headaches, 8 of them have been morning ones. Bummer. :0(

Anywho's...I'm off for now {the weather is making the internet connection funky today}, but I'll be back later on {if the internet stop wonkin' out}.

Leaving you with a chuckle this Thursday morning.

This is called "skitching"...

And, it's generally not a good thing to do.

Isn't that right Kaysha?

BTW...the Skitchin' Drama Queen was FINE!! :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad she was fine! I remember some not-so-smooth moves I did with my brother on our bikes and sleds...

Have been thinking of ALL of you down there. We have family in Brevard County, and saw the county mentioned in the national news. Does not look good. :(

Take care, and I hope Kody's head is feeling better. :( :(



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