Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bear Prayers......

Just a quick update to let ya'all know that Kody ended up having a really rough day.

We had to cancel our photo magazine shoot due to something else but it ended up being a good thing because Bear wouldn't have been up to it anyway.
We'll try again on Monday {his 13th birthday!}.

Anywho's..he had some crazy personality changes throughout the whole day {never good}, lots and lots of tics {UGH..I hate those} and tonight after dinner he just crashed with a mega headache.
He's been medicated and we're keeping a real good eye on him, but if anyone out there can send some prayers his way...he and all of us would really love you for it. :0)

We're supposed to be at his school around 9 AM tomorrow to meet his teachers and get his schedule. I'm really hoping that he'll be OK for it. :0/

I won't stay on long tonight because it really has been a long day..I think we're all going to catch some ZZZZZ"s early tonight. {Kody already is}.

On a cuter note..

We found Kolin, for at least a half an hour, sitting next to Kody's bed, rubbing Kody's back and singing to him, until he fell asleep. It was darn near the most cutest thing we'd ever brought a tear to this Mama's eye. :0)
Those two are inseparable...they really are best friends {no matter what they say..LOL!!}.

Till tomorrow..have a great night everyone.

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

:( Must be I knew something was up. (Have you noticed I'm back to my daily stalking?) I'm so sorry Kody had a rough day. I'lm thinking of him, and hope he has a better night and gets to go to his school in the morning.

(((((((FEEL THE HUGS, KODY)))))))


Lindsay D'agrosa ? said...

im always praying for you kody bear, you are my hero.

Debbie said...

The love you have in your family is so uplifting. Your story about Kolin rubbing Kody's back and singing to him, brought a tear to my eye also. I will say a extra prayer for C.M. Kody Bear. I hope he feels better tomorrow after a good nights sleep. I hope Mama & Daddy get a good night's sleep also, but I know worry will keep it from being to deep.

God Bless~


Oh Kim, I'm sorry to hear this news. Maybe the Bear is a little stressed out about going back to school? I sure hope he feels better soon, and kudos to his sweet bro' for helping him feel better.

I can't believe he'll be officially a teenager on Monday! Where does the time go?

Take care K family,

ClarkFamily said...

Oh Kim - I am so sad for Kody and of course Kolin ... what a loving brother! I will be praying and hope everything is better today!

Happy almost teen birthday Kody!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby#2 TOO!


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