Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Wonderful World Of Ornaments

One year I bought peach and white and gold ornaments, lots of peach and white pearly garland and white lights. Only white, nothing but white.

I waited till the kids were in school and my baby {Kaysha at the time} was taking a nap and I decorated the tree myself, making sure each ornament was exactly the same amount of space between the next and making sure everything was strategically, perfectly in place.

OMG, looking I hated that tree set up.

Yes, it was gorgeous. Yes it was touched up to perfection.
It had no imperfections, no color clashes and no kiddie finger prints on anything.

I never, ever put a tree up like that again and the following year I pulled out my box of sentimental store bought and hand made ornaments and let the kids go at it.


Till this day, I've never gone back. :0)

Today {and maybe tomorrow too since this is pretty graphic heavy} I'd like to welcome all of you into the "K" family world of Christmas tree ornaments.

Every year since our very first was born, we have gotten each kid a "special" ornament for the tree. Our oldest always remembers her Dad and me, pretty sweet, huh?

It all started off with this pink ball announcing our firstborns first Christmas...

First Christmas 1981

And although this one will be the last ever "Baby's First Christmas" ornament we will buy, it certainly won't be the last ornament we buy....

Kolins FIrst Xmas

I buy the ornaments to remind myself of something big that happened that year. Like the year Kody was on steroids and developed a love of chocolate milk like nothing I have ever seen before...

Kodys Chocolate Milk

Or the reason why he was on steroids in the first place. This is his first childhood cancer ribbon that hung on a big ole' Christmas tree in Washington DC...

Kodys Gold Cancer Ribbon

This was Kolin's, the year he scribbled out his very first official "Dear Santa" wish list {I still have it}. He had Kody help him write it in crayon...

Pooh and Piglet

Kaysha's when she was 14 years old and ALWAYS had her CD player plugged in with music blaring by her side....

Kayshas Ornament 2005

Who doesn't love a good "Snow Day"? I got this one for Karyelle the year she moved back to New York. BTW, in Florida we have "Hurricane Days". LOL!....

Snow Day

The year Kyle was into every sport you can imagine. The trunk of our car looked like his locker room and we schlepped him to every practice, every game, every stinkin' day...

Sports Snowman

Living in New York, Karlio and KK were both volunteer fire fighters. Did you know Christmas and Thanksgiving are the two busiest times of the year for accidental fires? We ate a lot of reheated holiday dinners those years...

Fire Fighter

There is a windy road in Putnam valley, NY called Dennytown Road. On that road is a house with the coolest mailbox. It has a normal one down low and another up high that reads "Air Mail". Our second daughter was completely obsessed with that mailbox. When I found this ornament I knew I had to have it to remind her of her childhood {and weird obsessions}...

Mailbox and Coke Bear

Lastly, for today, can you guess who's ornament this one belongs to? *wink*...


Have a beautiful day everybody, I'll have more ornaments to show you tomorrow.

BTW, Kody is still a little headachey but definitely feeling better then yesterday. They said it could take up to three days for him to come around. :0)



Jenner said...

My parents bought my sister & I an ornament every year when we were kids. When we grew up and moved out on our own, Mom & Dad gave us our ornaments so we had a good start for our own trees. Now I buy my nephews and niece an ornament every year and personalize it with their name & year. What a great tradition!
Glad Kody is feeling better!

Shiela in NY said...

You just proved it. We're definitely sisters. :o) We do the same thing ... buy a special ornament for each child every year. And sometimes buy one that reminds us of something special throughout the year. BTW, Kyle's made me smile - what a cute ornament!! Enjoyed the post - can't wait for more.

Glad to hear Kody's feeling better today. Keep it up!!

Acutescrubnurse said...

Kim, Love the ornaments!! I too have purchased ornaments for my son every year!! I always try to purchase ones of his interest that particular gets harder the older he gets!!
I will try and update my blog sometime this year with photos of my trees.....time just has not been on my side lately!!
Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season!!

ceebee said...

nice photographs of your ornaments.


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