Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

From all of us, to all of our friends and family...

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!


Love, Kim, Karl, and all the "K's"



Amy said...

Beautiful card Kim! Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful day!

Shiela in NY said...

Merry Christmas to all the K's!! BTW, I thought the umbrellas on the gingerbread house were cute! :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Christmas is the season of opening our hearts and our homes
in celebration of the Savior who makes our hearts His home.

Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas Day.

Mrs. Pam and the Preschool Pen Pals

Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the "K"'s! Hope the weather is warmer for you there than here in NJ!

Love the Muller's xoxo


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