Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kody 2.0

Hey All!!

OK, so we made it back and he's "fixed a/k/a upgraded" again. :0)

As it turns out, although his shunt settings have stayed exactly to the way they were set last October when he needed an adjustment, it seems after almost 2 months down the road, his ventricles were over draining again.

So, he went from a 1.5 to a 2.0 on his shunt settings which basically means it was turned up a stop {or is it down a stop?} to prevent more fluid from dripping out.
I hope I explained that right.

Anyway, he's feeling better and much more active.

We have his MRI scheduled for Monday morning and a stop into his Dr's office so the shunt can be adjusted again. The magnets in the MRI mess up the settings in the shunt and it takes another magnet to get them back. Go figure.

Now, they did warn us that he might start going downhill again and if so, because of too much fluid building up, we would have to bring him back to try another shunt adjustment.
He had a shunt series {X-rays that go from his head to his pelvis} to rule out any damage in the tubing. There isn't any so all is well there.

All in all it was a long day but a good day. We're happy, he's happy, everyone's happy.

Before I leave, I'll leave you with a little something that makes me happy cuz Kolin snapped it 2 seconds before Kody and me started doing the "Cupid Shuffle", or maybe it was the "YMCA", or maybe, well anyway...we danced our butts off at the Boggy Creek party last weekend and we had a great time doing it.
Cuz ummm, Kody, much like me, we are not shy when it comes to rockin' out. LOL!


That picture makes me happy but it also makes me realize that lifting heavy arm weights are in my near future. I should never leave the camera where Kolin can find it {re: 200 plus extremely unflattering pictures of me and Kody line dancing}. Also in my near future, lots more frizzy, windy, Florida hair products...lots and lots and lots. hehe

Have a great day everyone!!

BTW, I'll do the ornament thing tomorrow for sure. :0)


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Shiela in NY said...

Been hitting refresh, hoping to see a good update. Glad it happened! :) So glad Kody's already feeling better. If only I could get tweeked......

Thanks for the pic -- can't believe how tall Kody is compared to you now, Kim! And...ya gotta be kidding about the arm weights. Here I was thinking how doggone skinny you look!!! Nuttin' like your sister up north. (Guess I need padding to keep warm on these cold winter nights. Hehe!!!)

Have a great night...and howz 'bout sharing a line dancing pic??? COME ON.............. :o)


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