Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree 2009

This is by far the earliest we have ever put up the tree.

Put up by Karlio.
Supervised by me.
Decorated by the kiddo's.


Speaking of kids decorating skills...

Sheila, OMG...do NOT straighten out the star. I know with every bit of you, you want to straighten it sooooo bad but please, please don't.
Take lots of pictures of that tree with the crooked star and I promise when your 5 year old is 15 you'll look back on that crooked star and get the smiley warm fuzzies like mad.
Trust me on this sister friend. :0)

Kolin put up our star this year, he finally got tall enough as to where he didn't need a "lift". {He's 5'5" and barely breaking 100 pounds, hehe)
It's a little crooked and if you look to the left of it you can see wear Kody stuck a Patrick Star from Spongebob on it.
I know it doesn't "belong" there but yet there is this part of me that isn't going to move it.
Why? I don't know, maybe it's because my Bear put it there and I always think to myself "He is here with us to put it on, and that's all that really matters". :0)

That's all for now. I have to send Karlio off to work. He is back on nights again. Bleech.

Oh, and because Kolin's dentist appointment ran late yesterday, we never got the Christmas card photo taken. Today's another day though.

Have a sweet day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Alright. You got me, Kim! I promise not to straighten out the crooked star! You're right...it's PERFECT, just the way it is!!! :o) [Now to remember to tell his older siblings not to movie it!!!] If it were our angel, it most certainly would have fallen off by now, but I do believe the star will probably not fall. :)

You made me smile (AND get teary-eyed) about Kody's Sponge Bob sticker. Isn't it great...the simple things in life???

Now, if I could only be the Tree Supervisor in our house. Hubby put it up, now Mamma has to get the ornaments out, explain the 'importance' of each one as we go, and THEN take that photo. [Do you now understand why it takes me/us a week to get it decorated?? I NEED to stop being so sentimental about the descriptions!!! :o) ]

Have a great day!!

Love ya!

Shiela in NY said...

Me again. :o) Can you do me a favor and tell me when all the tourists start hitting FL in the spring? (You know, when all the theme parks start getting flooded and all the Floridians make sure they've already gone!!) My family in TX wants to visit this spring but the Disney website isn't working right now that tells "when the parks are busiest".


Kim said...

LOL, I knew I could do it. :0)
There is light at the end of that explanation tunnel cuz once the older kids hear it enough, they tell the younger kids and pretty soon you don't have to do any more then sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee, which is exactly what I did. LOL!!
As for theme parks, they are busiest during any holidays school vacations, like winter/spring/etc. After the first of the year they empty out till spring break.
I'll see if I can get on the web site for you. {{hugs}}

Sea52Jay said...

Wow, what an awesome tree! I am totally impressed!
Love ya, CJ

Anonymous said...

What A Beautiful Christmas Tree, Great Decorating Job Kids. Still Havent put mine up, Hoping to this Weekend or Next, We will see. Also Kim, Where & How did you make that Siggy with your Name, I would like to make 1 And I tried a Bunch of websites but cant seem to find anything like yours. There just plain. Blecch. Thanks for the help in Advance.


Kim said...

I made my siggy in photoshop, but you don't have to have PS to make one. The directions can be found on the CBONB site.


If you need any help, just let me know. :0)

tcsTenor said...

Pretty tree!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kim for the Siggy Info, It is Greatly Appreciated, Going to try it now. Will let you know How I Do.



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