Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dastardly Dad's And Their Rotten Sons

On Sunday we went strolling around every imaginable store looking for a way for Kody and Kolin to burn the $50.00 they had sitting in their wallets.
Kody, of course had to have an MP3 player. Sharing Kaysha's new one since Christmas was getting to be a real pain in the butt for him.
One set of earbuds. One kid wanting to go one way, the other going another way. Well, you get it.

Here is what they looked like connected at the head...


Anyway, we went to two Wal-Marts looking for an MP3 and another airsoft gun with matching pistol and holder thing for Kolin.
While Karlio shlepped the boys around Wal-Mart, Kaysha and I ducked out for a few here and there to check out new clothes buy some Frebreeze with the added Gain scent.
This left one Dad and two sons alone.
They behaved themselves.
Till we got home.

Minutes after we got home, it got dark out signaling dinnertime in our house.

So, as I was busy preparing a frozen Stouffer's lasagna and beating myself upside the noggin' for forgetting a bag of groceries at Wal-Mart which included the Italian bread and garlic powder needed for that lasagna, Dad and 12 year old son Kolin were out on the back screened in porch doing whatever.

I pulled out my receipt, called Wal-Mart and explained my dilemma which was all great and fine. I could pick it up in the morning at my convenience.
As I about to hang up, Kolin and Dad came into the kitchen with a cute little white box. The kind of box you typically find white gold and diamond earrings in.
Did I say white gold and diamond, my bad.

"Mom, while we were at Wal-Mart we got you a surprise".

Oh wow, how sweet.
And as I opened that box real quick to find those hot a$$ earrings, I found this...


And then they found me on the floor.
Screaming, crying and questioning why I ever had rotten little boys in the first place.

Oh wait, I know why.
So their father would have someone to play/scheme with everyday.

Dude Man, I know your reading this.
You owe me big time!
I'll take it in the form of one sweet, hot lil' outfit.
You remember right? The one I showed you.
Oh yeah.......

Have a great day everyone!!


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Shiela in NY said...

:o) Hmmm..wonder if you'll be able to share a photo of that "hot little outfit"???!!!

Leave it to boys.......!!! (and men...)


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