Monday, December 28, 2009

The Most Loved Gift This Year

For all of us was spending time with my parents on Christmas Eve. :0)

For Bear, it has got to be his new MP3 player {thank you to his Gramma and Poppy}. We brought him out to 5 different stores yesterday and at our last stop before I fizzled completely, we found the last MP3 in existence at Best Buy.

So this is the way Bear will look until school starts again. LOL!


That boy LOVES his music.

Did you know that Kody can listen to a song two times {not just new ones but old, old ones as well} and have every word memorized? It's true. His Dr's are amazed and baffled that here he is, with nada in the short memory dept. and he has that ability. He never had it before his last big surgery in 2004. We had to give up a bit of him that day, but what we got back in return {his life} is priceless. :0)

Now let me tell you what I love about that photo.

The hat!!!!

OK, not just because I am a hat lover but that hat I had originally bought for Kolin. Well, it was chilly out yesterday and since Kody has a big noggin and wanted to go outside I told him to try on Kolin's hat and wear it.
I never, ever have luck with hats and Kody.
But...what do you know? That hat fits perfectly!
Not only is it warm and cool looking but...
It does NOT squish his shunt!!!

Which, I know sounds crazy, but is a very, very important thing to shunt peep's like ourselves.

So, if you are a shunt peep or just a peep who loves hats and likes that one, you can get it at Target, in the men's dept. for $14.99.

BTW, Karlio went back and bought the last one at our target for Kolin yesterday cuz his hat ended up on Bear's head all day.
Good Dad for going out and getting it.
My bad for thinking for some crazy reason I only paid $2.99 for it.
My embarrassment when he called me from Target to say my three dollar hat was actually fifteen and so that's where all the $$ went last week.


Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Had to LOL about the "$3. hat"! :o) It does look quite nice, so hopefully Karl thought it was worth $15! Ha!

I have the Philly Cheesecake recipe on my screen. Am toying with making it for our New Year's Eve. You see, my Mother-in-Law is arriving that night for a visit. One of my father-in-law's favorite desserts was cheesecake so I am thinking I just might have to make it in his memory. And then I wonder if it will be too upsetting for us...??? But I will make it while she's looks too yummy to pass by.

Have an awesome day!

Sea52Jay said...

Maybe Kody's short term memory isn't the only one that's on the blink ROFL

Love ya, CJ

Rosemary said...

Ok, the lady who makes tons of hats BOUGHT a hat for $15.00??? quite a kick out of that. Cheesecake sure looks yummy.

Kim said...

LOL, I know Rosemary...but my kids tell me they wouldn't be caught in any of my stuff, ever. I got a little surprise for Kolin today though. HEHE!


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