Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Cherry Cheesecake

I am not a baker, seriously...that is what bakery's are here for right? :0)

However, I got to tell you...I do love making a NY style cheesecake every now and again. It is so simple, and sooooo good.

This was our Christmas dessert...


If you look in our fridge, behind the cauliflower/broccoli medley, next to a container of leftover chili and on top of something else healthy, you can find the last two slices hiding there.
But, please don't tell my kidlets, cuz I hid it there for me and the ole' man. :0)


If you'd like to give this a try yourself, here's the link to the recipe I used...

Cherry Cheesecake

Enjoy and have a totally awesome day!!


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Post Pals said...

that looks so nice! We have christmas pudding as always (also known as plum pudding) because all us brits eat it every year as its tradition but would never think to take a single bite at any other time of the year (its not as nice a cheesecake after all!)


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