Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 The End

2009, the year I will always remember as crazy/bad/good/real good/unexpectedly good/mind blowing/heart wrenching/teary/happy teary/emotional/insane/confusing/beautiful.

Somehow, we survived it, that's always a good thing.

Although I do look forward to 2010, there are some times in 2009 where I never want to lose the memories. Happily, I know that those memories will forever stay in my memory bank for life. They are just too sweet to forget and I won't. :0)

I've always loved journalism, combined with photographic journalism. I am thinking that maybe this will be the year I write a book. LOL! I've always wanted too, heck I even have a title picked out already.
Maybe it'll be will only childrens hat patterns.
Maybe it will be a mix of funny/hurtful/real life/crazy drama.
I don't know, we'll see if I can sit still long enough to make it happen.

Anyway...enough of that. :0)

I want to start a new tradition this year.
Every New Years Eve or New Years Day I'll put up a recent photo of the kids and one from a year ago just to see the changes.

So, to start it off with a bang this year, we have Kody Bear..January 2008.


And here he is in the present...


Kolin, in January 2008...


Here he is today...


Kaysha, who has changed the most. She went from completely unwilling and despising the camera...

KayshaRed 012 copy 3

To a complete ham...hehe...

ChristmasInTheVillage 039 copy

Last night my oldest called from NY. OMG, too funny.
You see, ten years ago on yesterdays date I wrote her a letter, sealed it up in an envelope, and wrote on it DO NOT OPEN TILL DEC. 30th, 2009.
Well she opened that letter last night, finally after 10 years of waiting. When she called to read it back to me {I totally forgot what I wrote}, we were hysterical laughing.
The crazy thing is, after she read what I wrote describing some of the things we did that day, I totally remember that day.
The freaky part {according to her} was reading "Your 28 and I am 47 now, I wonder if we are acting our age yet". LOL, OMG talk about funny cuz nope, I'm not.

If you ever want something fun to do, write a letter to your kid and date it not to open for 10 years. Then, the tricky part...don't lose it. :0)
I kept mine in a safe box with important papers in it. After 10 years it was still there good as new.
I know 10 years seems like a long time, but trust goes by fast. Way too fast.

Have a great day everyone!!

If your going out to celebrate tonight, please be safe!!



Dot O said...

Cool idea about the letter. I think I may write two of them for my kids...

BEautiful photos - what a difference a year or two makes!

Happy New Year Kim!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim -- I love the letter idea, unfortunately, I have no kids to write one to :o( Anyway, perhaps I will write one to my nieces & nephews, or better yet their children (ages 5, 7, 8 & 10)! That is just such an awesome idea. As much fun (or perhaps even more) would be for the child to write the letter to the adult to be opened in 10 years . . . seeing the day through a child's eyes, then sharing it with that much more grown up child 10 years later! Anyway, hope my favorite "K" family has a wonderul 2010!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!! Writing a letter not to be opened for 10 year's, is an awesome idea. Thanks.

Amy said...

Thanks for the tip on the letter Kim...awesome idea!
Thanks for sharing the photos of your handsome boys and beautiful daughter!
Happy New Year from one "K"-Krew to another...

Shiela in NY said...

Well, I stopped by before midnight on New Year's Eve but my pc was acting up and I see my message didn't make it. :( I really enjoyed seeing the comparison pics. GREAT TRADITION TO KEEP, I think. ;-)

I also liked the 10-yr-letter idea. How fun that must have been!


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