Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Even A Halloween Loving....

Freak like myself can get into the Christmas thing, see...I can, I really, really can. :0)

KidsChristmas2009 copyBLOG

FYI, Karlio insists that when the final edit is made and cards are sent {me, send cards..OK...don't hold your breath} that the "freakin'" gets taken out.
I added it yesterday just for fun, cuz fun is what we do. :0)

Not much else going on. The boys have joined their school's basketball team so they won't get home till late because of practice. I found out that the games will be live via internet, cool huh?

Have a jolly kind of day everyone!!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh my that is totally too funny!!! I love it and I think you should leave the freaking in :) Our guys have a snow day today and they are loving it!! Enjoy your nice warm day in Florida!!

Hugs from Missouri,

cheri said...

Love it! Keep the freakin' in!!!!

Shiela in NY said...

GREAT pic! I am LOL!!

Our kids are enjoying their first Snow Day of the year. Unfortunately the 3 or 4" we got was followed immediately/early by rain so it took a couple hours before they could go out and PLAY! Right now they are "shoveling" (that is, making 3 snowmen). :o) It ends up being great packing snow and the last few years we have to take advantage while we can or it melts or freezes too hard.

I think it's great your school has the games on the Internet! Very cool! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely Freakin Love it. Kodys Expression, Too Funny. They really seem to have gotten into it. Keep The Freakin In.


Anonymous said...

I would definately take the "freakin" out. Otherwise call it Happy "freakin" holidays. Christmas is about Christ and the freakin' just does not belong. Unless of course you are not Christian - then by all means leave it in!

Kim said...

"Christmas is about Christ and the freakin' just does not belong. Unless of course you are not Christian"

Thinking about it now, I do agree. :0)

Dot O said...

I love this photo!!! You are so creative.


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