Monday, December 14, 2009

Things Around The House

A/K/A The kids now have too busy a social life for me anymore so I am currently snapping photos of things that don't complain, much. :0)

These are just random things you can find around our home this Christmas season.

This Santa jar holds something very near and dear to me. Candy. hehe

Candy Bowl

Gingerbread Men Salt & Peppers Shakers {that never have S&P in them}...

Gingerbread Men2

A cute little penguin one of the kids got me from the Wally World crane machine, sitting next to a box in a basket...


Kody's out of place but so adorable anyway, Patrick Star...

Patrick Star

A cookie plate with fake cookies hot glued on for safe keeping and accidental eating...

Cookie Plate

Tomorrow I'll have some "Welcome to our world of 28 years of collecting ornaments". You won't want to miss it. LOL!

Have a great day everyone!!

PS. Boggy Party pic's coming real soon. :0)



Kim said...

Dude I would but NOTHING can compare to your cankles!!!!
Signed, Kim's house of endless fun

Shiela in NY said...

Can't wait for those 28 year pics AND Camp Boggy Creek! :)

Hey, speaking of PICS...remember, wayyyyy back when, on Kody's CB site, a certain someone said they'd post some older pics of Kody Bear? I was sooooooo looking forward to that. :o) [Maybe a New Year's Resolution??? PLEEEAASE?!]

Have a great day!

Dot O said...

Lovely ornament pics, Kim! Yes, they do make very cooperative subjects don't they...


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