Friday, December 18, 2009

Strolling Down Ornament Lane Take Two

Sentimental? Yep, that's me in one word.
If my kids have made it, drawn it or puked on it at one time, I'll probably keep it {washed of course!} packed in a box up in the attic.
I can't help it, that's a what kinda Mom I turned out to be. The keeper of all things kids.

Although we truly love and will always be true to our home teams...

NY Yankees...ahem...need I say more?


J...E...T...S..Jets, Jets Jets! Man I do love me a good Jets game in the semi cold weather. Tailgating, over priced pretzels and fighting exiting traffic. Fun times!

Jets Joe

We also love our ornaments we get as gifts. Here's this years favorite, a snowflake from "The Preschool Penpals", who are an incredible adorable bunch of 3 and 4 year olds who live near the gold arches. No, not the McD's ones, I'm talking awesome St. Louis, MO here....

Preschool Penpals Snowflake

Here's one of Kody's from when he was pretty small. That boy had a sweet tooth you would not believe. truth be told, he still does. I am forever finding and laundering candy wrappers stuck in his jeans pockets. :0)

Candy House

Kolin's from the year he learned how to read. He loved "Good-Night Moon" and we went through three copies of it {yes, I still have them, LOL!}...

Learning to read

I still adore the old vintage childhood ones. I can still remember HUGE Christmas' in every detail. It was very cool having a Mom who worked in a toy store. hehe...

Vintage Santa

This one could be any one of my boys. But this one actually belongs to Kody "Sk8er" Bear...


Because we have always loved sitting around a fire, playing the ABC game and toasting up some marshmallows for our smores...

Smore Snowman

Last one for today, tomorrow I'll finish up. :0)

When Kody was little he was a "Buzz Lightyear/Toy Story" fanatic.
OMG it was adorable. He had the whole Buzz Lightyear costume from MGM Studios, the Buzz PJ's, Buzz toys, everything you could imagine.
One day when Buzz started wearing off Kody, Kolin decided he was Buzz and literally jumped off of everything trying to fly.
We went through 4 or 5 copies of Toy Story 1 and 2 because they'd watch it several times a day.

This is one of those ornaments that I love and I can close my eyes and look back and remember my two youngest as little boys who dreamed of being Buzz.

Buzz Lightyear

My little boys who grew up now dream of being, Kody: a heavy metal star/heavy metal DJ and Kolin: A SWAT team member who breaks up hostage situations on his skateboard.

My how fast they grow. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Today is "Day One" of Christmas shopping for me.
Don't ask.



Shiela in NY said...

YEAH, BABY!!! Great first pic today, Kim!!! (Gotta love those 2009 champs!!!)

The candy house one made me smile for two reasons. 1) Tootsie Rolls are one of my favorites, and 2) DOTS were my father-in-laws, rest his soul. I miss him and their 49th wedding anniversary would have been yesterday. :(

GOOD LUCK with the shopping. I have gone the last two Mondays and WHAT A DIFFERENCE in the crowds with Week #2.

Dot O said...

DAy 2 of shopping for me, Kim. We are expecting a lot of snow so I ran out and got most of the rest of it done. I still have a few odds and ends but the bulk is done.

I love your ornament stories. I hope Kody's head felt much better today!!!!

Anonymous said...

I FINALLY figured out that I can leave a message!
I got your wonderful picture of our ornament yesterday, and will take it to church and put it in my hymnal. I use Pen Pal photos as placemarks. Thanks so much for sending it to me and for putting it on your page!
Yesterday we had our breakfast with Santa at school/church. I used to have it at home, but there was only room for the Preschoolers and Moms. But last year we moved it to church, and yesterday we had 10 Moms, 6 Dads, One Grandma, and one pastor. It was wonderful.

Christmas blessings to my favorite K-Klan!

Mrs Pam

Anonymous said...

Great Ornaments (Except the Yankees One & The New York Jets, Yankees $uck LOL & J/K, I'm From the Boston area so GO Red Sox & Patriots).The ornamenets are Perfect to capture the milestones in everyones Lives. When My Kids were little they Would make me Ornaments Every year in school. SWEET. I cherish them More & more Every Year. Especially the ones form my Lil one who passed away. I also have Christmas Mugs he Gave me and I Wont let anyone TOUCH them : ) as they are too Sentimental and I dont want anything happening to them.



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