Tuesday, December 15, 2009


He has had a two day bad headache and it is getting worse even with his max dose of med's so today's update will be up, I am just not sure when.
He's home from school today and I am working on a bunch of calls to get things in motion so he can see his Dr. out in Orlando.
He could have shunt problems again {like he did in October} or it could be tumor related {because of the insurance thing dropping him he is 3 months overdue in getting his MRI}.

This morning at 8:15 I found out that he will FINALLY be insured again starting immediately and his case nurse is simply WONDERFUL! I've actually talked to her twice already this morning.

Anywho's, I'll update later, there is lots to get done this morning...phone wise that is.

Because a blog post isn't quite a blog post without a little something, here's two of the boys doing what they do best...eating!! LOL!!

These were taken at the Boggy Creek Holiday party on Saturday.
Yes, they ate absolutely everything there, especially if it was sweet.

Fried Twinkies..

CBC Holiday Party 2009 010 copy

Cotton Candy...

CBC Holiday Party 2009 017 copy




Shiela in NY said...

FRIED TWINKIES??!! SOUNDS YUMMY!!! Reminds me of Deep Fried Oreos!! :o)

Sorry to hear Kody's not feeling so well but THANK GOD he's getting back on insurance. That boy deserves an MRI. Sure glad the nurse sounds wonderful too. Give Kody a big hug from his "Aunt" Shiela. :o)

Anonymous said...

Still haven't fixed the boys teeth yet. Great parenting.

Kim said...

Hmmm, let see oh yeah, #1 the kid's tooth is being fixed, it takes a few weeks but yeah it's about as good as new.
#2, couldn't watch your son when he was climbing a chair and ended up getting his "parts" amputated. #3 same goes for your daughter and the whole iron webbed hand incident.
Way to go super dad. Great parenting ya yutz.

Anonymous said...

dont piss me off...hehehe...their hair is beautiful and its not fair.....why cant i have that kind of hair :o)

Anonymous said...

Thinking good thoughts for Kody, hoping his headache is nothing major.
Everything those two boys eat looks so good...especially those turkey legs the other day. I thought about those stupid turkey legs all day at work!!!


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