Saturday, December 5, 2009

OMG I Am Like Soooo Back!

I'll make this one short and sweet so I can update again later when I have time to do it right.

OK, so first things first, we are fine!!

Second, in a crazy moment of dumbness/impulsiveness I decided to ditch Comcast and get another internet provider, seeing as Comcast soooooo lovingly increased my service because we moved from one side of Leesburg to the other by $80 and I thought to myself, "self that is such a rip off" {we've been Comcast customers for 11 years}
Well long story short, the other provider was too slow, never worked right, went on for two minutes, off for three days, took 6 hours to upload a picture...UGH!
So, I bit my lip and switched back to Comcast which meant we were now considered "new customers" and had to wait over a week for someone to press the almighty internet button.
Then they didn't show up. Then I griped. Then they did show up, finally about 3:15 yesterday. WOO-HOO....I settle the hellians down and prepare to get on line when they unthinkable happens....

The crappy weather we were having made EVERYTHING go down for the night.
No TV.
No Phone.
No Computer.

Oh Joy.

Anyway, the kids/Karlio's computer worked this morning and mine, being wireless, which I have no idea if that makes a difference, is now up and on line.

However, the weather is still crappy...keep your fingers crossed. LOL!

Thank you to everyone out there who worried. I did try to get to the library a few times but never could get the college kids to get off and let a middle aged Mom like myself have a go at computer time.

I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE to get back on later. The only thin g that will stop me is if Comcast decided to croak out once again.

The moral of this story is, don't fix what already works.

Lesson learned.

Time for more coffee. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone and a Very Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Glad to know everybody is OK. These providers are just amazing with their service. Hope you stay on-line.

Margie M

Shiela in NY said...

OMG, Kim. THANK GOD YOU ARE ALL OKAY!! I had so many different scenarios running through my head. Please don't be upset...I even tracked down Kaysha on Facebook, and sent her a message. :o) Glad you are okay. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Sherry Vasquez said...

Hi Kim...I'am soo happy you are back missed you although i read your blog everyday I seldom leave comments cuz well,not so good for that.Anyway I'am glad you are all okay and doing fine.I was worried! Your turkey looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Glad all is well . . . I was worried about you all!


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