Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas In Florida


gatorheadxmas 004 copy 2

Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Besides, you all know that I am just not "right" anyway. :0)

In just a little while, after I down one more cup of coffee with amaretto creamer, I am off to wake up the hell raisers for a fun filled day at Camp Boggy Creek's Annual Holiday party...WOO-HOO!!!
Every year we wait for this one day to party like rock stars and try to make it to the front of the "galactic gobbler" {smoked bbq turkey legs compliments of Disney World} line.
These past years we got there too late and ended up with a, UGH, hot dog. This year baby, the kids and I are on the attack so watch out!! LOL!!
It's supposed to go up to 80 today so the warmness factor is great. It's ummmm, the gray skies and upcoming 50% chance of rain that needs to be wished away.

Have a great day everyone!!

Oh and if your out there doing some shopping, PLEASE be careful. Lots of crazy people out there especially this time of year.

PS. FYI, yes that sure is a real Florida gator head there.


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Shiela in NY said...

Only you would have a real gator head in your house, Kim! :) I guess it's not much different than having deer heads/antlers hanging up here, eh?! So, enlighten me...what is the FLORIDA Night Before Christmas? I've recently been noticing the FL-themed cards and ornaments. Didn't know there was a book!

Have a GREAT time at the party today! It's certainly become an annual tradition for me to enjoy looking at all the pics!! Can't wait and sure hope you get one of those turkey legs!


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