Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Christmas Parade From Hell

Last night we went to the Leesburg Christmas parade, we left after an hour.
People, I swear....I mean seriously rude, obnoxious morons.
No Christmas spirit at all.

So, we left and went to the grocery store and picked up a bag of candy so at the very least the kids could feel like we did something for them last night.
Then we got on home, threw on a pot of coffee and had some pasta, homemade meatballs and cheesy bread.
That was definitely way better then dealing with the pushy buttheads that always seem to creep out of the woodwork.

I'm not trying to sound too harsh but if a family {us} gets there an hour early so we can get a decent spot, why in the world is it necessary to show up 3 minutes after the parade starts and bully your way to the front, blocking all view from the family {us} who got there early and stood in the cold to partake?
Then when asked politely to move over so everybody can see, move even more in the way like some spoiled, got to have my way, super diva.
I don't get it, I guess I never will.
Anyway, is a very, VERY good thing Karlio quit drinking a while ago cuz if not, there would have been some heads rolling.
But, it's all about the "karma" now, and he figured after "expressing his views loud enough", we should just walk away and enjoy the good karma we will continue to have, that is as long as I do not make any more dumb decisions to upgrade/save money as far as internet services go. :0)

If I walked away with just one good thing last night, it was this photo for sure. It was taken about 30 minutes or so before the parade started...

DaKidz 004 copy

I love those two, they make my day everyday.

Have a beautiful day everyone. I am thinking, OK...just thinking about putting the tree up today. We'll see, hehe....



Shiela in NY said...

Thanks for the recipe, Kim. Sorry your parade didn't go well. Sounds like a bunch of jerks. :( I love the photo of the boys - at least that was a good thing that came out of your venture.

Speaking of "trees". Since we are not traveling this year we've opted for a real tree. I want "anything fur" so my hands aren't an itchy mess by the time I'm done decorating the thing. Well, they either had a 6' wide one, a short and fat one, or the puny little thing we ended up with. We started this "venture" three hours ago and still no tree inthe stand/living room. WHY IS THIS TIME OF YEAR SO MUCH WORK???? Good luck if you do put yours up today. We'll have a race to see who finishes first...lately I take a whole week to get it completely decorated. :(

Have a good one.

Dot O said...

Kim, there are obligatory obnoxious people on every block of every street (sometimes more than one family of 'em) throughout our country. Sorry, a portion of them found their way in front of you.... I found that it isn't even worth the effort to make your point anymore. I just turn and walk away....

Glad all is okay. Turkey dinner looked fab!! Great photo of the two boys... So, I guess Kaysha isn't a willing model these days... I miss seeing her lovely face too. Tell her that!

Glad you're back up and running on the internet.


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