Saturday, December 26, 2009

PS3 And The Kid

So, do you all think Kolin {and Kody and Kaysha} likes what Santa left under the tree just a little? LOL!


He wasn't up 30 seconds this morning when he was all over that thing...



And I am sure that as soon as he figures out the whole on-line playing he'll be looking for peep's from all over to hang with...


Dang technology has come a long way since Nintendo and the original Mario Bros.
No wait...what about "Pong"?
Yes, I am showing my age here. hehe...

Have a great day everyone!!

I am going to indulge in a pedi. this morning.



Shiela in NY said...

LOL - our oldest found MW2 under the tree as well, and I couldn't believe it when I walked by the room later and he was talking on his headphones to another person from his team (or whatever they are called). You're right ... nothing like what we grew up with!!!

Enjoy the pedi...I still need to find out what they are like!! :)

Flossie said...

Gotta love that "just woke up" face! Merry Christmas "K" family and may your New Year be the best ever!!!

Dot O said...

We had Pong - two simple black rectangles knocking a small black square back and forth, and I loved it!!! It is truly amazing what has happened with the video gaming industry.

Glad your guys had a Merry Christmas!


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