Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Lights Florida Style

Just 2 miles down the road we have an awesome park called "Venetian Gardens". It's beautiful by day, but even more beautiful at night.
Right after Thanksgiving, the City of Leesburg popped the plug and lit the park up with lights and music.
We picked a warm day and after Karlio came home from work we packed up the young uns' and headed out for a leisurely stroll amongst those pretty lights.
Yes, I am extremely attracted to pretty lights of all kinds. That goes for pretty shoes too.
And pretty nail polish, don't even get me started.

Anyway, back on track.

Here are some of the highlights we saw. There were hundreds and believe me when I tell you I photographed them all. My computer let out a belch the size of Texas when I uploaded them all and realized that I forgot to take my camera settings off "JPG & RAW" {photogs know what I mean here...I am talked gigantic files that take up space like mad}.
I had a mondo a lot of deleting to do. :0/

Onward with the lights...

ChristmasLights 042 copy 2

People dancing...

ChristmasLights 040 copy 2

Pretty trees in groups of three...

ChristmasLights 052 copy 2

Flamingos, only in Florida, I know...

ChristmasLights 047 copy 2

My favorite bird {bet'cha can't guess what my second favorite is? Oops, sorry}...

ChristmasLights 044 copy 2

This tree, that was huge, was lit and timed to music. Watching it, dance to the Trans Siberian Orchestra was phenomenal...

ChristmasLights 037 copy

We couldn't get enough of this tree, especially when the Peanuts {Snoopy} music came on...

ChristmasLights 034 copy 2

We sat on benches and Karlio let me rest on him so I could capture the moon in the background while listening to "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree". It's been the most romantic part of my season so far....

ChristmasLights 033 copy

Then Karlio burped loud and I realized how I could never live without this hunk a man.

Rodolph leading the way...

ChristmasLights 026 copy 2

Toy soldiers, which remind me, did you know Kody has a fear of toy soldiers? LOL, yea it's true, so every year I take him somewhere, where there are toy soldiers just to watch him jump and shake and act like a fool.
No, I'm not mean, you should see how he tortures me with frogs, balloons and the Pop and Fresh Dough Boy {{{{shiver}}}}....

ChristmasLights 020 copy

Lastly, for today anyway, the S.S. Santa. How stinkin' cute is that?

ChristmasLights 013 copy 2

Hope everyone out there has a great day today.

It's gray and rainy and the temp. is a dropping around here.
Time to make more coffee. :0)




Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love them all. The blue and white tree looks amazing!!

Hallie :)

Shiela in NY said...

OMG, Kim! I love your post today! First I was thinking how nice it would be to STROLL THROUGH A PARK with all the lights. Sadly, we get to drive through cuz it's so stinkin' cold. Of course, they have music piped in through a certain radio station. And they let us drive around (and around, and around) as many times as we want, but just imagining strolling/sitting was so great! Then you mentioned how romantic it was to be leaning on Karl and I wondered, "How in the *(#! do you have time for ROMANCE during December??". That, my dear, is when I read the next line and literaly LOL...three times over!! I was laughing hard enough I had tears in my eyes and was VERY thankful that I had just put a "Back in 5 Minutes" sign on my store door!!! THANK for the laugh!!! :o)

Oh - about "Spring Break" (and when to visit FL). Is that a February spring break or March? We have Feb while the Texans have March. I'm just wondering if you'd suggest "before March 1st" or "Feb 1st" or what. THANKS - I've got to get back to the Disney site and see if it's working but thought feedback from a resident might be helpful too! :)

Have an awesome day. Thanks, again, for the great posts! I really did like all the photos too. OH - and the moon/clouds was AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos! The idea of walking through the park on a nice evening is appealing. We got 10 inches of snow and it's expected to dip below zero again tonight! Oh well, that's life up north.

My horror movie loving 13 year old is absolutely petrified of clowns. She's been to the circus once and that filled that square!

Connie F-G

Kim said...

Connie, Kolin is scared of clowns too. At a very, very young age his younger siblings thought it would be funny to let him watch "IT" while they were babysitting one day.
Poor baby has been scarred for life. lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!
Loved the lights! I live over here on the coast (Cocoa Beach) and we have a huge light display at a local park too...but like Shiela in NY we have to DRIVE through it...but it's so HUGE I would probably get lost if I didn't! LOL! I found you through a post on Pioneer Woman's site..I've been reading her for DAYS now trying to catch up on her life..I'm only in 2007 right now so I have quite a ways to go! Glad Kody is doing well...I can't imagine the terror of hearing the diagnosis you all went through...he has such a great attitude (I found his blogspot first, then you) I was intrigued since we are both in Central Fl! Have a very merry Christmas...your tree is absolutely beautiful! ~blessings, Pam J


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