Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swordsmen Warriors

I almost forgot I took these last week...just a small glimpse into the lives of two swordsmen warriors.

I am soooo not a black and white photo person, I love when others do B&W...but mine always look, welp...not good.
I guess I just see the world in bright colors. :0)

Yesterday we had some horrible weather...tornados were just popping up everywhere from Cocoa Beach and headed in our direction. So, Karlio, the kids and I boot scooted it out of here when the weather radio called for everyone to evacuate.
So, where'd we go?
On the top level of Leesburg's brand new parking and umbrella ready to snap some cool photos.
The weather radio kept telling us that just a few miles south down the road a funnel cloud was spotted and headed our way...but, funnel dude lost it's gusto and pooped out on we never got to see a thing.
Thank goodness...because coming back to a home with a roof was a kind of important thing to me. :0)

Today I need to get hold of Kody's school and set loose a can of whoop ass.'s the story..which I am so dang hot about...seeing as I thought all this time that they were doing OK by him.

This week is FCAT Rights week..which is Florida's state testing. The school's get our kids soooooo worked up, soooooo stressed out about these tests, it's insane. I've seen 3rd graders have near panic attacks. All for a test that determines two things.
#1 the school's ratings
#2 whether that child makes it to the next grade.

It doesn't matter if that child is a straight A student with the mind of a genius. If they panic and fail that test...they get left back.

Kolin's been taking his in stride...he doesn't let anything bother him. I mean, he siad he was nervous...but he wasn't freaking or anything.

Kody..the strong, silent type...didn't even clue me in as to what day he'd be taking his. With all the hype with the 4th graders this year..I almost forgot about Bear's 6th grade FCAT.
In order to be able to keep up with the rest of his 6th grade peers, Kody's been going to school early three times a week for extra help/tutoring. He never complains, he just does it, he wants to keep up, he wants to suceed.
By the time he get's out at 1 o'clock, though, he is whooped.

Yesterday he took his FACT's all day and his teacher told him it was OK for him to put his head down and take a little cat nap till class ended.
So he did...and if anyone knows Kody, Kody falls asleep at the drop of a dime.
Anywhos...he was rudely awoken by the asst. principal who came in and demanded to know "what this kid is doing?" BYW...she is fully aware of Kody/"This Kid"
She then send him to the principal's office for "sleeping in class".

The principal pretty much reprimanded him, wouldn't let him get a word in, and told him to call his parents because he was to leave and not come back to school that punishment.
Now, Kody did try to state his side..but Kody's been losing his voice again...and it's being determined that something is going wonky with the signals in his brain telling his vocal cords to work properly. His vocal cords are healthy {no damage/tumors/etc}...but his brain, every now and again...just won't let them work like they are supposed to, so his voice slurs and fades to a whisper.
There is nothing that can be done about it.
So...while he was trying to get the words out...she just talked right over him..which is an easy thing to do..and pretty mean too.

He came home upset about the whole situation, about being woken up to this, about being embarrassed in front of his classmates. I tried to find out if maybe, just maybe, they were concerned for his health and sent him home early but he insisted that what they said and their actions were done in anger.

So...yeah, we may have to go round to round today, that school and me.

When he came home....he slept, and slept and slept, until I absolutley had to wake him up so we could leave our home in a non-scarey, panicky kind of way.

Welp, let me get going for now...Adri will be here soon, I have calls to make, lots and lots of stuff to do while I still can.
Thanks for stopping by...and if you actually made it through my entire rant and rave..

YOU ROCK!!!! :0)

Have a beautiful day!!

Love, Kim

PS. To all our northerners peeps...holy macaroni...stay warm and stay of that ice....OUCH!!!!


k68 said...

Kim I'll be glad to bring you some extra whoop-a$$ for the idiots at that school! I would bypass the school and go straight to the superintendents office and school board. Maybe even to the state dept. of education.

They just don't get it, do they?

Anonymous said...

Get into that school and DEMAND that something is done. Go above the principal and go to the school board!

Our schools here in WA state have a WASL test and you have to take it in 10th grade. If you fail the test, you don't graduate. Dosn't matter if you've had all A's your entire school years. It is a horrible test!!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog and pictures of your family! I do not mean any disrespect but am wondering if Kody can make up such a lie about him having a brain bleed to the do you know he is not lying to you about being told he can sleep in class?

Anonymous said...

give em hell!
I hate hearing things like that about schools.

DONNA said...


Anonymous said...

Kim, do you have a 504 plan for Kody? If so he could actually be exempt for those tests with absolutely no penalty and leave is self esteem intact. Also his special resource teacher would be/should be going to bat for him in these circumstances (like perhaps having a scribe for him.) If you like I can email you privately with more information.

PS I would use my blogger sign-in if I could just remember my password! Grrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I sure hope you figured things out at school. And, "If I know you", you did talk with the teacher to figure out her side first. (I don't think us faithful K-Klan stalkers should be worrying about you "believing Kody" when he "lied" about the brain bleed. SHEESH!) No matter if the teacher said it was okay, or if Kody fell asleep w/o trying, the Assistant Principal shouldn't have treated him the way she did, with his peers watching. AND the Principal should have listened to his side! URGH!!! Hoping you got things figured out.



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